Enjoy Old-fashioned Movies in the Park

Enjoy Old-fashioned Movies in the Park


 Nostalgic return to family entertainment 

People of a certain age will no doubt remember the time when they could take their family to a park and enjoy some wholesome family entertainment with the latest movie release of the 50’s.

Now you can get a touch of nostalgia for those idyllic days with “Backyard Box Office,” a garden created by James Sprague, CPH, owner of Fancy Plants Gardens, Inc. in Bothell, for the 2013 Northwest Flower & Garden Show.

James loves to design gardens that hark back to a kinder, gentler age. Attendees at the 2012 show raved about his rendition of the classic “Peter and the Wolf” symphony. Many were heard whistling some of the symphony’s most memorable tunes.

Shrubs, bulbs and Primroses added bursts of color to the garden – a look anyone can achieve at home, even in February.

For his 1,000 sq. ft 2013 display garden, James will recreate a movie theater in a park which could be in anyone’s back yard. The movie “screen” will be created using glass art hanging from a pergola. Bedrock Industries will be providing the glass, and all will be made entirely from recycled glass.

Look for a patio for dining and relaxing, the classic red velvet rope, and a nearby lawn that serves as amphitheater seating. It’s all surrounded by lush gardens and a large metal ‘flower’ made from old, oversized movie reels.

Follow James on his Facebook page as he shares some of the elements that will be going into this garden.

Fancy Plants Gardens was inspired by the classic symphony, “Peter and the Wolf,” for their 2012 garden.

Imagine the entire family with friends and neighbors stretching out on the lush lawn enjoying popcorn and watching a movie on a late July evening.

And in keeping with the movie theater theme, James is incorporating popcorn box planters and buttered popcorn-themed plants, such as bright white hydrangeas, golden yellow bulbs, primroses and, of course, Popcorn Viburnum.

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