Don’t Forget – Seminars in New Conference Center

Don’t Forget – Seminars in New Conference Center

Graham Kerr entertains the audience at the 2011 garden show in our huge new Rainier Room. He’s back speaking on February 11.

Many of you were thwarted in your efforts to get to the garden show last February. Mother Nature wasn’t very kind to the folks who adore her! So you didn’t get to enjoy the new location for our three main seminar rooms – The Conference Center at the Washington State Convention Center. (Or, for those into acronyms, it’s TCC at the WSCC.) We were the first major show to christen this new space, and it worked for our show attendees (and for me and my terrific staff and volunteers) beautifully.

Debra Prinzing shares how to make beautiful bouquets from your own garden. Catch her DIY Stage seminars on February 10 & 11



The Washington State Convention Center proudly opened The Conference Center in July, 2010, a 71,000 square feet of high-end, configurable space built with a LEED-certified eco-friendly design. It boasts adjustable lighting, a built-in sound system and programmable LCD screens at the entrances to the meeting rooms. The Rainier Room, Hood Room, the DIY Stage and the Book Signing Station have never had it so good.

The seating in our rooms is now the biggest the show has ever had. So remember – we dropped those annoying seminar passes! There are also no lines to see your favorite speakers. You can waltz into a room whenever you please. (Just be considerate to the speaker and audience if you arrive early.)

The seminars are like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re going to get (although Richie Steffen is always entertaining).



So for all you garden show attendees who flock to the acclaimed seminar series, don’t look for the seminars in the old location! Instead of exiting the show in the North Lobby (where we now have the ticket office), you stay inside and go across the sky bridge. Then turn right down any aisle, and go to the end of that aisle. You can’t miss the huge opening for the Conference Center. There is both elevator and escalator access down one flight, and you’re there.

The chairs also have twice the padding – you can sit for hours and hours and see dozens of seminars! (Just remember, I’m kicking you out at 8:00 pm so I can get to bed. But you can come back the next day, and the day after that…)

When you’re on your way to the seminars, stop and grab a latte at the new Café that is along the back side of North Hall. We’ve added this for those of you in a hurry to grab something to eat on the way to the seminars or between seminar speakers.

Teresa O’Connor & Jayme Jenkins lecture in the new Hood Room. Both return for the 2012 show.


The garden show would also like to thank the King County Master Gardener Foundation for partnering with the show and providing volunteer support for the seminar rooms. When you see their volunteers, give them your thanks! They are providing an invaluable service to the show and all its attendees.

It’s a really terrific lineup of speakers this year (if I do say so myself), including Stephen Orr, Rosalind Creasy, Steve Aitken, Joe Lamp’l, Jamie Durie, Dan Hinkley, Graham Kerr, Ciscoe Morris, and Billy Goodnick (and 65 more great speakers – check out all my earlier Seminar Spotlight blogs) and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at the seminars. – Janet


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