Design a Garden – Week 9 Garden Art

Design a Garden – Week 9 Garden Art

This week we are voting on a piece of art to be in our “Here Comes the Sun” garden at the 2012 Northwest Flower & Garden Show. Last week voters chose the celadon containers from Swansons that will be in the garden. This was a close vote! The celadon containers barely edged out both the black and the terracotta containers. (Remember – every time you vote you can enter our Grand Prize drawing.)


The hardscapes from Marenakos Rock Center will be Montana Bronze Flagstone, Sockeye Quartzite Flagstone and Montana Slate Ledgestone. The garden will be mulched with SteerCo™, an excellent soil condition from Sawdust Supply. (All are available for viewing at these companies.)


Choosing just the right garden art to enhance a garden can be harder than it looks. (For some great ideas on how to choose garden art, be sure to catch Helen Yoest’s seminars, “Express Yourself!” on Wednesday and Thursday at the show.) Our readers chose plants typical of a Northwest garden, including Mahonia, Vaccinium, Rhododendron and Calluna, so the plant palette and hardscape should be considered when thinking of a piece of art for a focal point. Readers choose Design B  which has a nice patio seating area.


Brad Siebe, President and General Manager at Swansons Nursery, has selected three different kinds of art: A contemporary metal kinetic sculpture, a collection of studio art glass, and a more functional, earth-toned bird bath. Given what our readers have already selected, which do you think would look best in our show garden? You can stop by Swansons to see them yourself, and while you’re at it, visit with the reindeer!


Note that the actual pieces may vary from what is pictured here. When designing a garden, sometimes things change as it all is pulled together. Designer Lloyd Glasscock, of Looking Glass Design, is teaming with Terra Firma Hardscapes for the installation. As they both know from building a show garden in under 90 hours – stuff happens!


The contemporary stainless steel sphere garden spikes are flexible and have a nice kinetic effect from the wind. They are single stems and can be used singly or in groups either in pots or in the ground for a clean modern accent.









The studio art glass is from the Seattle area and comes in a wide array of styles from contemporary to traditional forms and also in a rainbow of colors. Globes, squizzles, leaves, flower forms, or bowls are some of the different styles of glass garden art that could be utilized. Final selection could be chosen based on the final color scheme and other components of the garden. These are all stake-mounted and can be used individually, or clustered together in the garden or used in pots as decorative accents.


Birdbaths are both functional and decorative and these can be in several colors other than the dark walnut as shown. They come in Antique Gray, Copper Patina, Terra Cotta, and Weathered Bronze. The Regency is a very classical design whereas the Prairie style is more Mid-Century Modern to contemporary.



 To vote, go to the voting page on our website. Every time you vote, give us your email address and you are automatically entered to win our “All That Jazz” grand prize – 2 nights lodging, 4 tickets to the show, $250 cash to spend at the show and more!  ~ Janet



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