Design a Garden – Week 5 Soil Base

Design a Garden – Week 5 Soil Base

Sawdust Supply has provided the sawdust and compost used in the show gardens for over 20 years.

Savvy gardeners know one vital fact for having a healthy garden with happy plants: It’s the soil.


While it may not seem very sexy, the soil base and mulch that is used by the show is an important part of the finished polish of the show gardens. Just as your own garden looks better (and is healthier) with a good compost top dressing, so too our show gardens need to have that finished look. And different products can give a different look to the garden.


The garden show has long partnered with Sawdust Supplyproviders of mulch, gravel and landscape supplies for the Seattle, Bellevue and Tacoma regions. Founded in 1912, the Sawdust Supply Company’s original mission was to clean out what was considered scrap materials (hog fuel) from local sawmills. In the late 30’s and early 40’s sawdust was delivered to homes as fuel for sawdust burning furnaces.


A lot has changed since then! Now Sawdust Supply is one of the largest regional suppliers of all kinds of landscaping products, including gravel, rock, and sand, playchips, planting soils, composts and mulches. They can do custom mixes, deliver, and even have a blower service.


One of the first things the production team has to orchestrate during move-in at the show is delivery of the sawdust and mulch that the garden creators will use. Full semi’s unload near the garden floor, and frenzy of front loaders delivers product to the 20+ show garden sites. (When I go to the Washington State Convention Center during move-in, I pray I don’t get run over, or buried with a load a mulch. These guys don’t stop for anyone!)


Curley Winebrenner and Kate Kurtz of Sawdust Supply have selected three of their popular products for our next Design a Garden voting. If you want to check these great products yourself, they are open from 7 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday.


Each time there’s a new vote, you can enter our “All That Jazz” grand prize drawing. Here’s what we’re voting on this week, until September 29:


Beauti-Gro™ is the perfect soil conditioner or mulch for gardens and general landscaping. Made with composted steer manure and bark, Beauti-Gro™ is rich in nutrients, evenly textured with a natural dark color, and smells like a forest floor. Coarser textured than GroCo™ and SteerCo™, it is often more appealing as mulch, to top dress your garden soil, than the finer textured composted products.


GroCo™:  A dark, rich, natural compost product that your soil will love. This is a perfect soil amendment for the environmentally conscious gardener that wants great results. Made from composted biosolids and fir-hemlock sawdust, this product is an endlessly renewable resource, full of macro and micro nutrients that will help your plants to thrive. The fine texture of this compost is perfect for blending into your soil to break up clay, provide nutrients, and help retain moisture like a sponge.


SteerCo™: Mature compost product that is a perfect soil conditioner. A cattle manure, fir-hemlock sawdust mix compost, with urea nitrogen added to stimulate plant growth. The fine texture of this compost is perfect for blending into your soil, to break up clay, and help soil retain moisture.


So what type of soil do you want in “your” garden at next February’s Northwest Flower & Garden Show. It’s so easy to vote – just clink on the link and it takes you to our voting page. ~ Janet

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