Design a Garden – Week 4 Plant Groups

Design a Garden – Week 4 Plant Groups


With the Pacific Northwest having an unseasonably warm September ( it’s about time!) it seems appropriate that the winner of the voting for the song was the Beatles “Here Comes the Sun.”


Between now and September 15 you can vote on plant groups to be used in the garden. The garden show is partnering with Swansons Nursery as the plant supplier for our “Here Comes the Sun” garden. Many thanks to Brad Siebe, President and General Manager of Swansons, for helping me find all the plants. The show garden is being designed by Lloyd Glasscock of Looking Glass Design.


To vote, just go to the voting page on our website.   And each time you vote, enter to win our “All That Jazz” grand prize – 2 nights lodging, 4 tickets to the show, $250 cash to spend at the show and more! (One vote per email address, and we now accept Canadian votes! Increase your odds of winning by voting each time we have a new category.)




Plants associated with the Pacific Northwest include Mahonia, Vaccinium, Helleborus and Rhododendron. All plants courtesy of Swansons Nursery.

Plants commonly associated with the Pacific Northwest, such as:

Mahonia x media nervosa
Mahonia media “Charity”
Vaccinium glauco-album
Helleborus “Merlin”
Helleborus “Silver Dollar”
Rhododendron sino-falconari
Rhododendron “Ebony Pearl”




The temperate areas of the West Coast often have drought tolerant Stipa, Ceanothus, Berberis and Viburnum

Plants commonly associated with the temperate areas of the West Coast, such as:

Carex tenuiculmis “Cappuccino”
Stipa tenuissima “Pony Tails”
Ceanothus griseus horizontalis “Diamond Heights”
Viburnam davidii
Berberis thunbergii ‘Concorde”
Nandini “Tuscan Flair”




Heuchera, Lavendula, Buxus and Callum are all plants commonly associated with classic British gardens.

Plants commonly associated with the British Isles, such as:

Carex oshim “Everest”
Festuca glauca “Elijah Blue”
Callum vulgaris “Red Star”
Callus vulgaris “H.E. Beale”
Heuchera “Obsidian”
Lavendula “Violet Intrigue”
Chamaecyparis lawsonia “Barry’s Silver”
Buxus sempervirons “True Dwarf”



(Note: Plants pictured are those in Swanson’s Nursery right now and might not be available in early February during the garden show. Actual plants used in the show garden will be similar to those listed.)


 If you haven’t been to Swansons Nursery lately, they have added huge new greenhouses which make shopping a pleasure no matter what the weather. They have incredible selection – and right now is their huge Fall Sale! I just picked up some awesome Berberis “Concorde” (the purplest Barberry I have seen) and some “Sunshine Blue” and “Patriot” blueberries – all at 40% off! Who hoo! (Now I have to figure out a way to get them on my expense report. After all, I was working, right?) – Janet

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