Design a Garden Week 10 Voting – Garden Furniture

Design a Garden Week 10 Voting – Garden Furniture


For our last vote on our garden show’s “Design a Garden,” our readers can choose what kind of furniture they would like to see in our “Here Comes the Sun” garden – a garden designed by our readers and built by the show. Designer Lloyd Glasscock, of Looking Glass Design has selected three styles of furniture from Swansons Nursery along with Brad Siebe, President and General Manager at Swansons. Each piece of furniture gives a completely different feel to the garden, so let’s recap on the other garden elements before you vote.


The “Here Comes the Sun” garden, based on the Beatles’ song, will be filled primarily with plants suitable to Pacific Northwest gardens. Look for glossy Mahonia, colorful Erica and Calluna, Rhododendrons, and Vaccinium. Evergreens will be Chamacyparis nootkatensis ‘Pendula’ and Golden Hinoki Cypress. Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Winter Beauty” may be in blossom adding fragrance, along with Carex ‘Evergold’ and C. flagellifera to add finely textured plants.


The containers used will be soft celadon glace, and there will also be pieces of glass art, both chosen by readers in the last two votes.



These Adirondack chairs are from “Relax its Recycled!” They are the perfect combination of durability and style, and a great way to sit back, and enjoy all your hard work in the garden. And better still, they are made from 100 percent recycled plastic, are waterproof, weatherproof and colorfast. You can see all the colors available at Swansons. (It’s great fun to go to Swansons now, and see the reindeer and camel.)




Nothing says “Pacific Northwest” like cedar. This bench, from Mukilteo Cedar Products, is a 52-inch wide “Plantation Style” bench with a comfortable, contoured seat. The cedar can withstand years of our wet and cold winters and look good with little maintenance. All of the wood is hand-selected by the craftsmen of this family-owned business, and finished with Penofin Brazilian Rosewood Oil to bring out the unique characteristics of the cedar.



Our show partner, Maranakos Rock Center, offers a huge range of stone benches, both stock and custom. Here is one that would look perfect nestled on a small patio surrounded by Northwest native plants. (The hardscapes will be Montana Bronze Flagstone, also from Marenakos.) It has an irregular edge giving it that rough-hewn look, but the top is polished, so the glossy surface would reflect the sky. Visit Marenakos to see the stone bench and their amazing assortment of stone.


It will be exciting to see this garden come together! Over the weeks our readers have selected all the major elements of the garden – theme, plants, soil, hardscapes, containers, art and now the furniture. Lloyd Glasscock will be installing the garden with Terra Firma Hardscapes. I’ll keep you all posted on how it’s coming together, so follow the show on Facebook and Twitter.  



To vote, go to the voting page on our garden show website. Every time you vote, give us your email address and you are automatically entered to win our “All That Jazz” Grand Prize – 2 nights lodging, 4 tickets to the show, $250 cash to spend at the show and more! This is the last chance to vote and enter to win! ~ Janet



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