Decorating with Evergreen

Decorating with Evergreen


There are many ways to decorate your home with evergreen for the holidays this season. With some evergreen boughs and ribbon (various colors) and accessories, you can make a very elegant look throughout your home. If you can’t get boughs from someone who owns forest land, buy an extra Christmas tree and cut them from there.


  1. Use a 10-15 length of ribbon and lay it out flat on a table.
  2. Attach evergreen boughs along the ribbon with green twisty ties. Layer the boughs for a fuller look.
  3. Use twisty ties to add accessories, including twigs with berries, holly sprigs, pinecones, bells, miniature stockings, holiday lights and ornaments.
  4. For the most elegant look, add either silver or gold accessories and greenery only.

Door Hanger

  1. Gather 4-5 boughs together of approximately the same length and tie them at the top with a ribbon that either hangs down or gives you enough to make a bough. If the boughs won’t stay securely, use a rubber-band around them and then tie ribbon over the top.
  2. Loop a shorter ribbon around the tie in the back of the display to hang it up.


  1. Use a 4 foot ribbon and tie on evergreen boughs using green twisty ties, leaving a couple inches of ribbon free on both ends.
  2. Accessorize with holly sprigs, berries, ornaments, etc.
  3. When finished with the boughs, tie the two ends together. This will make a circle and leave you a “center” to place a candle, wineglass filled with berries, bowl with pinecones or many other options.
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