Ask Flora: A Spring, Green Wedding

Ask Flora: A Spring, Green Wedding

Dear Flora,

I am planning a wedding in my garden for this Spring and I want to make it a green one. I will have a concentration on nature and am using live, flowering plants instead of cut flowers. But I am on a budget and having a more difficult time finding eco-friendly invitations to use. Do you have any ideas for that?

-The Green Wedding Caper

Dear Green Wedding Caper,

Yes, I do! So glad you asked. First of all, let me commend you for using live plants for your wedding instead of cut flowers. W(c) Earthly Affairhat a great idea! May I also suggest that you use small, live plants for your centerpieces and give them away at your reception? It’s a nice gesture and also shows people just how “green” you really want to be.

As far as invites, I have connected with Earthly Affair, a great company that is definitely more concerned about our environment than anything else. I am super impressed with their invitations, environmental concern and the customer service that they provide. Best of all, their pricing is very reasonable and their turn-around time is quick.

Their green activities include offsetting co2 emissions resulting from shipments and business through Carbonfund, donating a portion of their profits to environmental projects, implementing energy saving practices, composting and/or recycling leftover paper scraps, using only earth-friendly paper and envelopes and more. Visit Earthly Affair for more information.


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