Creative Yard & Garden Use

Creative Yard & Garden Use

I’ve decided that our yards and gardens might just be the closest to heaven that we will get here on this earth. The relaxation and beauty are second-to-none. And they are completely versatile-the activities that our yards can help provide are many: 

  • Yard Sale
  • Entertaining/Parties/BBQ/Reunions
  • Family Meal or Socializing
  • Net Games
  • Water Games
  • Sports
  • Wrestling and Other “Go Outside” activity
  • Camping
  • Relaxing
  • Lying in the Sun
  • Bug Catching
  • Learning
  • Work Ethic Development (mow son!)
  • Giving
  • Creature Provision

Here are some ways that we utilize our gardens:

  • Growing Veggies & Cutting Food Costs
  • Tours
  • Learning
  • Entertaining and Parties
  • Socializing
  • Showing Off
  • Connecting with Others
  • Cutting Flowers
  • Giving
  • Decorating
  • Beauty
  • Work Ethic Development
  • Care of Living Things
  • Creature Provision

What are some other uses for our yards and gardens? Please share in the comments or send email/pics to [email protected]

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