Container Gardening Tip #1-Watering

Container Gardening Tip #1-Watering


Because some of our containers are on a rooftop, we had to rig up a different watering system for obvious reasons. It wasn’t practical to lug buckets up and down the stairs or sling a hose over the roof wall. Drainage was also a potential big problem with a flat roof prone to leaking here and there. Here’s how we solved it.

Water Spigot- My dad rigged a water spigot up on the roof to which we attached a hose. It works just like the ones on the ground around the house.

Plant Placement– After drilling holes in our plant containers, we propped them up with bricks underneath two opposite edges.

Water Catchers– To prevent water from hanging out on the roof too long, we purchased the flimsy, foil pans you find at grocery stores to slide underneath to catch the water. These can become mosquito havens so I empty them frequently.

Water Holes– We cut holes in the wall to allow the water to move off the roof. If you want to make the best use of this water, find a way to catch it below and reuse it. And when I empty the water catchers, I just tilt the pans toward the holes in the wall.

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  • Flora
    Posted at 14:43h, 17 July Reply

    I forgot to mention that the watering holes in the roof are cut above the drainage pipes that make their way down the side of the house. Oops. 🙂 Flora

  • KitsunegariBlu
    Posted at 21:20h, 03 November Reply

    There’s an initial investment to either purchase the supplies &/or hire a person that knows how to make & set up a Rain Barrel. Which basically is located under the drain pipes & you use that (it’s a closed system so mosquitos, debris, animals) can’t get into it) & it has a spicout (sp?) that you use to get the water out. You put it into a watering can and it can basically make your money back after a few good rainfalls (of course if you’re in a dry/no rain climate, it’s not very useful.)

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