Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cacti are a gorgeous addition to your winter or indoor garden. And of (c) Ed Humecourse, this time of year they bloom in anticipation of the holidays and their desire to be pretty. They come in a variety of colors and if taken care of, will bloom for many years. They even make great gifts for that person in your life who loves plants. Some are passed on through generations of caregivers.

They sometimes need less water than other plants and a Christmas Cactus is a tropical cacti versus a true cacti. Ed Hume recommends, “Since the Christmas cactus is a tropical plant it will require watering on much the same basis as any other type of tropical plant. A good procedure to follow is to water the plants thoroughly and then allow about the top inch of soil to dry before watering again. However, during the fall and winter months, the plants should be watered less frequently in order to get them to bloom.”

I didn’t realize that they need a somewhat humid environment. “Christmas cactus require about 50 to 60 percent humidity,” Hume says. “So it’s a good practice to place a glass, vase or tray of water near the plant. As the water evaporates it will provide the humidity the cactus needs. A humidity tray is another method of providing the humidity the Christmas cactus requires. This is done by filling a waterproof saucer with gravel, then adding water halfway up the gravel. Place the pot on the gravel surface.”

Do you have a Christmas Cactus? Send me a picture at [email protected] and I will post it on the blog.

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