Candy Clark: Oscar-Nominated Actress Loves to Garden

Candy Clark: Oscar-Nominated Actress Loves to Garden

Candy Clark, Actress

Candy Clark, famous for her Oscar-nominated, Best Supporting Actress role in “American Graffiti”, has been in several additional movies and has guest-starred in many television series including “Magnum PI” and “Baywatch Nights”. She may have little or nothing to learn about acting-but something in her backyard is teaching her a serious lesson.

Every year is different in her garden.

“Last year my garden was fantastic.” She says, “I planted in soil that had not been used in 30 years as there had been a brick patio on top of the soil…This year, I thought I could just put plants in the same spots as last year and they would be fantastic. I spent lots of money on organic tomato plants, squash plants, pepper plants. I spent numerous hours labeling, adding cages and watering them in. I didn’t turn the soil, I didn’t add steer manure, or any fertilizer for that matter and I got NOTHING. This has taught me a valuable lesson. You have to feed the garden before it feeds you!”

In spite of that tough lesson, Candy continues to grow “because she likes to eat and also cut flowers from the yard”. The rewards extend even further-she admits that gardening is relaxing-and she enjoys getting back in touch with the earth and helping to provide food for her neighbors.

Candy has several fav flowers and it is difficult for her to choose the top one between them. Included on the list are zinnias-because they were grown in her grandmother’s garden and roses-because they come in so many beautiful soft colors. She attends flower club meetings local to her home and recently placed nine grapevines along her lattice fence. She hopes for a large yield of grapes to share someday.

“It’s a very satisfying hobby in every way and I recommend it to anyone, young or old.” She exclaims, “I love it!”

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