Build Good Soil. Grow Lush Gardens.

Using recycled products like Loop is something you can do to return organic matter and nutrients to the land.

Build Good Soil. Grow Lush Gardens.

Every day you are making a donation to us to grow plants somewhere in the state of Washington. When you flush the toilet, the food you ate doesn’t just disappear down the drain. It goes to a local wastewater plant, where King County cleans it and recycles all the rich organic matter and nutrients into a soil builder that plants love.

Here in King County, those soil building biosolids are called Loop®. Loop is used to nourish the soil and return carbon and nutrients back to our land. Only commercial farmers and foresters can buy Loop, but some Loop is sent to a private composter, mixed with sawdust from local mills, and composted to make GroCo compost. It’s a local classic that has enriched Pacific Northwest gardens and landscapes since 1976.

Every year we put compost in our gardens. Then we wait expectantly for spring, to see our plants burst into a rainbow of color. Loop wants to celebrate all the love and effort it takes to build good soil and grow a lush garden.

This year, Loop is asking you to share photos of your garden. Stop by the Loop booth #2412 at the 2018 Northwest Flower & Garden Show for a FREE SAMPLE of GroCo compost (made with Loop) and instructions to enter the photo contest!

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