Bringing Nature Indoors

Bringing Nature Indoors

Family Circle had an idea in the April issue that I have been chewing on for quite some time. New Leaf Creation’s garden, “Nature’s Classroom”, at the show gave me even more inspiration. The idea is to bring more of the woodsy outdoors into a home. Yes, we live in the Northwest. Some of you might think that you have plenty of woods outside without bringing them in. But for those of us who love the woods, and the green of the woods (yes, even the SMELL of the woods), it’s a great option.

Here are some ideas on how to do that:

  1. Create a face or hearth on your fireplace made of river rock.
  2. Bring a water feature, such as a small fountain, into your home.
  3. Pot ferns, moss and trees that you would normally find outside (remember that they like it cool).
  4. Use wood and stone in your decor.
  5. Use small stones as your top coat for your houseplants (above the dirt around the plant).
  6. Paint evergreen trees on plastic terra cotta planters.
  7. Include a garden bench in your decor. They can work well in entryways and other areas of your home.

I don’t recommend that you bring any critters in. They are happier in the real woods.

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