Booshoot Baby Bamboo

Booshoot Baby Bamboo

nov08-203.JPGI received a very nice gift from the Northwest Flower and Garden Show yesterday. They sent me a “Baby Bamboo” (so dubbed by youngest) grown by Booshoot Gardens in Mount Vernon. It is actually a Fargesia ‘Rufa’ and originates from Sichuan China.The tag says it is exceptionally cold hardy! Nonetheless, planting recommendations say to plant inside for now and transfer it outside in the spring. According to the tag, “This bamboo has beautiful orange-red cane sheaths that add appealing warmth…This is a new garden bamboo that is perfect for those looking for a smaller specimen.”

Even indoors, Bamboo need a lot of light. So if you grow one inside, make sure to keep it near a window. I am thinking about keeping this one in as a container plant because I don’t know how long I will live in this particular house. As long as I am here, it will stay in the dining room as that is where most of the light is. They can grow to 8 feet (cool) and this one is mite-free.

Booshoot is a biotechnology company whose tissue-culture science has made it possible to rapidly propagate bamboo plants. The science they use represents eight years of research and development. Their high-quality plants have application for large-scale CO2 mitigation and sustainable forestry.

Thanks Booshoot and Northwest Flower and Garden Show!

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