Bicycle for a Day with Matthew Modine

Bicycle for a Day with Matthew Modine

matthew modineWhat do Liam Neeson, Anthony Edwards, Laurie David and Kathleen Turner all have in common?

They, and even more celebrities not listed here, want to save the world. Well, they at least want to do their part to be green and have a positive impact on our environment.

All have agreed to help actor Matthew Modine with a national “Bicycle for a Day” campaign, set to take place in New York City on September 20, 2008. Mayor Bloomberg has agreed to make it official there and other cities, such as Chicago and Santa Monica, are also planning bike activity.

Modine says, “It all started when someone asked me if there was one thing that I could do to reduce emissions-what would that be? This is an immediate, simple way to reduce emissions…the goal is for a national, even global movement that we can unite in for one simple cause.”

All proceeds will go to Global Releaf (American Forests’ program that helps improve the local and global environment by planting and caring for trees) and Waterkeeper Alliance (who stand up to polluters and enforce your right to clean water). These are two organizations that you should research and consider supporting. Funding from this event will help continue this mission to make a greener world.

Why not organize a “Bike Day” in your city on September 20th? I understand that it is hard to think of your efforts even making a dent, but think of it this way:

one bike on the road=one less car

It’s estimated that a lightly-used 2006 Honda Civic emits 8,393 pounds of carbon dioxide per year. Cars older than that emit more while newer ones may emit less. If the driver of that Honda bikes instead of driving for the day, it saves 22.9 pounds of carbon dioxide from going into our environment (and lungs).

Trust me-it makes a dent.

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