Best Cukes & How to Serve ‘Em

Best Cukes & How to Serve ‘Em


I discovered by accident this week that I really like fresh sliced cucumbers on my sub sandwiches. This surprised me as I don’t do pickles on either sandwiches or burgers. Granted, I always plant cukes but we slice them and eat them in salads or by the slice usually.

Chris Smith and I had similar issues in the cucumber seed aisle this year. There are many, many cucumber varieties to choose from. He says that with most varieties these days, you won’t get that bitter taste as most modern varieties won’t have the bitter gene. But I have tried some that I don’t like (the acid-free varieties taste bitter to me) and in the end, I stuck with what I planted last year: Marketmore.

Here are some different ways to serve cucumbers:

  • Slice them like coins or lengthwise. Remember the old days? For extra flavor, soak them in a bowl of white or apple cider vinegar before serving. You can add salt and dill too.
  • Smaller cukes make great boats. Slice off the top, spoon out the seeds and fill with cream cheese. Put the top back on to serve.
  • Slice the full cucumber lengthwise in half once, spoon out the center and use filling there instead.

Other filling ideas include ranch dressing thickened with added mayonnaise and cheese spreads that you can buy at any grocery store. Please comment if you have another filling option for cukes.

There is more than one delicious way to serve a cuke. Plant them today if you haven’t already-it’s almost too late!

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