Award Winning Posts, Part 1

Award Winning Posts, Part 1

2008 is gone forever! Sniff! Although we can never get it back, we can always make our future even better. You can start with reading about these posts that totally won in my book!


Solar Lanterns with Karen Seymour is one of my faves. I have to tell all of you that I am super impressed so far with all the artistic work that will be presented at the show this year. Incredible pieces from all over (more to come soon on that). And Karen’s work is one that would literally shine from a mountaintop and not just because it is a light. Her lanterns are incricate with beauty and grace both. They take a tremendous amount of work, time and patience-something I am not very good at. But she obviously is very good at all three. Visit Karen.


The Fragrance of Flowers by Amy Grisak. I tell you, I don’t know how she did it but somehow this guest poster managed to write an entire (long) post about the smell of flowers and actually make you want to keep reading. I had no clue there was this much information on the fragrance of them. Her post makes me want to run and gather a large armful of wildflowers and spread them around the world for a refreshing take on life. Visit Amy’s blog.


Garden Reading Mania– And I don’t know why it generated the comments but it did. If I remember correctly, I was struggling to find a topic that day and frustrated about not being able to plant. But when I thought about what I WAS accomplishing that was garden related, I figured I should write about it. Perhaps it is the weird title? Perhaps you could just totally relate? Hmmm.


How to Force Plants for an Award-Winning Show Garden– It highlighted a change in the family of Steve Haizlip, owner of New Leaf Creations. They had a baby! And they were so kind to share that with us on the blog, and send pictures.  As we know, sometimes people are hesitant to share some of their real life on the web where other people can see it so I applaud their decision to help us feel part of the family.


Holiday Garden and Entertaining Gifts– There were some unusual ones this year, which is a good thing. I really, really love the new GurglePot and the organizing book by Kathy Peel.  And who would ever think of a membership to Earth Cinema Circle? Tee Hee.

Award Winning Posts, Part 2

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