Award Winning Garden Lends Hand to ‘New Zealand Forest’ at the Arboretum

Award Winning Garden Lends Hand to ‘New Zealand Forest’ at the Arboretum

Need some new inspiration in your garden? Look no further than the Arboretum’s upcoming New Zealand Forest opening next month. Driven by the success of last years ‘A Hobbit’s New Zealand Garden,” Rhonda Bush gave me some insight about the award winning garden and where it started.

Special Recognition Awards – Ethel Moss People’s Choice Award, Fred Palmer Garden Creator’s Award, Pacific Horticultural Society Award, Sunset Western Living Award & the 425 Magazine Editor’s Choice Award.

Since the theme of the show last year was “Silver Screen Gardens Go Hollywood,” they were in search of a movie that would correlate with activities going on at the Arboretum. Nothing could beat the hype and anticipation of “The Hobbit” movie that was coming out December 2012. This year a two-acre New Zealand Forest was planted and will officially open on September 15th, 2013. Thankfully there are many New Zealand plants being grown in the Northwest. Many of the same plants used in the show are featured such as hebe, flax, libertia and corokia. They are some of the most common and thrive here. Getting a good selection for the show was an issue in February but being midsummer you can see the Forest in all it’s glory. Most of the plants tend to be quite drought tolerant even though rain is not an issue in the Pacific Northwest. Check out the Arboretum’s website for more info on the opening of the Garden here.

The opening of the New Zealand Forest in September is the Arboretum’s largest project in 2013. Looking ahead to the new year, they are really excited for their Northwest Flower & Garden Show 2014 Display Garden. With the theme “Art in Bloom,” one typically thinks art in Seattle is glass art. They researched a few different artist to collaborate with and have come to agreement with artist Ginny Ruffner-she made the giant flower pot art piece at 7th and Union. Can’t wait to see what they bring to the show!

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