Ask Flora: Worry about Snow with Plants

Ask Flora: Worry about Snow with Plants

(c) JBHDear Flora,

 Am I the only worried about my dormant plants in all this snow?


Dear Cold,

I hope that you are staying both warm and safe with our extreme winter weather. And I don’t want you to worry about your plants. Most perennials will probably be just fine and will bloom when ready in the Spring or Summer.


Dear Flora,

I kind of feel at a loss in the winter when I can’t garden. Any ideas?

Wants Spring Again

Dear Wants Spring,

I understand your pain. Truly. But it is a great time to celebrate our seasons. We might even get a white Christmas for the first time in years! My garden itch will get going in January, probably.

In the meantime, here are some ideas for your garden time:

  1. Catch up on garden reading. Good garden reads are here. More garden blogs here. Also catch up with any gardening books you have put aside.
  2.  Plan your next garden. Yes, I have done this with my veggies as early as December and January. The bonus? It gives me more time to prepare, order special seeds, etc.
  3.  Consider visiting gardens in warmer climates.
  4.  Visit horticultural sites and nurseries online. You might even get some plant ideas to place into your own garden plan.
  5. Buy and care for some new houseplants. My son and I just picked out two new ones and potted them in our sun room. Yay! Dirt! And I got to wear my garden gloves!
  6.  Find the winter plants in your yard or town. We have a few and it’s a wonderful glimpse to remember our upcoming spring.
  7.  Learn about the plants that are alive and healthy this time of year. How did the tradition of getting an evergreen for the holidays start? When did we decide to make things from evergreen boughs? Why are most winter berries poisonous? There’s a start for you. Let me know what you find out.
  8.  Journal your thoughts about gardening and winter plants.Here’s a free garden journal that will even help your future planning.

Hope that helps!


  • Daisy
    Posted at 21:12h, 25 December Reply

    I’m not worried; I’ve watched my hardy northern plants survive many Wisconsin winters. I’m looking at making changes in my garden next summer; I may start now with the plan.

  • Flora
    Posted at 13:14h, 26 December Reply

    Good idea, Daisy. Feel free to share your planning! -Flora

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