Ask Flora: Too Much Rain & Container Gardens

Ask Flora: Too Much Rain & Container Gardens

jbhDear Flora-

It’s raining all the time here now. Grrr. My garden needs it, right?

~Rainy Day Blues

Dear Rainy Day-

We had some sun today! Yay! Well, I understand. Trust me. I just went through three days when the only road between my little town and a bigger town was completely flooded. They even closed it at times and most of the time wouldn’t let me through. The time they did, it was like three feet high! Whoa! My car’s belts and brakes were squealing afterward! No, all the rain is not hurting your garden. The ground will eventually soak it up. More importantly, our gorgeous evergreens that we love so much need that much rain. If you don’t want a brown landscape, the other option is green, and green needs all that water and more. So hang in there and remember the outcome-that should pull you through until Spring!


Dear Flora-

I want to learn more about container gardening.

~Small Spaces

Dear Small Spaces-

You’ve come to the right place! We will have an expert at Northwest Flower and Garden Show. Here’s more: “Born in England, Karen Chapman grew up with an appreciation for the beauty of nature and the wonders of gardening. After moving to the Pacific Northwest in 1996 she joined Molbak’s as a garden plant specialist and discovered the joy of designing container gardens. Helping hundreds of customers create beautiful combinations of plants to enhance their outdoor living spaces was a delight, so she established Le jardinet, a custom container garden design service. Karen regularly speaks to garden clubs and gives seminars on container gardening. She has appeared on KOMO 4 and KING 5 TV and has also been a guest on Ciscoe’s radio show. Her articles can been seen in Fine Gardening magazine (issue 124, 2008) and also viewed on KPLU’s ‘Around the House’ website at More about Karen at:” She will be teaching at the show!


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