Ask Flora: Garden Therapy & Limited Garden Space

Ask Flora: Garden Therapy & Limited Garden Space

Dear Flora,

I hear that gardening can be therapeutic. Is this true?

Running for the Garden

Dear Running,

To get some “help” with these questions, I enlisted the assistance of Janit Calvo of Two Green Thumbs. She also writes a garden column for the West Seattle Herald. Thanks, Janit!

She said: “I have one customer that met me at a show several years ago. He was with his Mom who had lost her husband, (and his father) of many years. The son was trying to cheer her up, as she was in this state for paralysis for several months. He came back the next weekend and told me that my miniature gardens were the only thing that she got excited about. He bought one for her, took it home to her, and it worked. She started caring for the little garden and eventually got out of her grief and started ‘living’ again. Gardening is great therapy!”


(c) Two Green ThumbsDear Flora,

I don’t have room for a garden! Any suggestions?

-A Windowsill Maybe

Dear Windowsill Maybe,

Janit Calvo says, “This movement on planting trees and growing your own food is wonderful if you have a house and garden beds – and the time and energy to do it. But, what if you are in a condo, an apartment or an assisted living space of some kind? What if your time is at a premium and you still want to grow something?

With miniature gardening, you can have a full garden, complete with trees, bedding plants, patio and furniture that you can care for and grow. You can get your fork out on Sunday afternoon, do some raking and still go to work on Monday and brag about how you worked in your garden! (And they don’t have to know it took you 2 minutes to do.)”

I agree! Mini gardens sound like a great option for you!


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