Ask Flora-About Rhodies

Ask Flora-About Rhodies


 Dear Flora:

I love the rhododendrons that I see all over the place right now but they seem to be…all purple, pink or red. Are there other colors?

Rhodie-Less til I Find the Perfect One

Dear Rhodie:

Yes, there sure are! Funny you should mention this because until I started specifically rhodie-hunting a couple of weeks ago, I found the same thing. So my kids and I have been on a hunt wherever we go to find rhodies of different colors. One of the most beautiful ones I’ve seen was just yesterday, and it was orange. We have also seen white, yellow and fuchsia. Order some fun colored rhodies here.


Dear Flora:

What are the advantages to growing rhododendrons?

Still Deciding

Dear Still Deciding:

You mean besides their beauty when they are blooming? Well, they work very well for our area. They are extremely hardy and make it through any weather. They require very little care. You can certainly prune them for shaping-but you don’t have to. And they will bloom in spite of “lack of care”. They bloom for several weeks and the bees love them. Finally, they live a very long time, become tree-like in their branches as they grow and can support climbing and playing to a certain extent. You can also plant them in large planters for several years. All great reasons to look at rhodies for your landscaping plan!

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