Ask Flora- A Fragrant Flower

Ask Flora- A Fragrant Flower

Dear Flora:

I would like to fill a bed with some really pretty and very fragrant flowers. Do you have any suggestions for the Northwest?


Dear Parfumed:

The Carnation, or the Dianthus, is the perfect choice and they grow very well here in our climate.  Their colors vary greatly, but are mostly pastel, and their beautiful fragrance is second to none.  They need cool weather (yay-we can do that) but full sun.  You will need to plan ahead, and sow them in the spring but they bloom during the summer.  They like very well-drained soil that is slightly alkaline and hybrids need richer soil.  If you take off the side blooms, you will have larger flowers but you may prefer to keep them small. Just a heads up-they will be smaller than the florist’s variety-even when you pinch off blooms to make them larger.


Dear Flora :

Are there any vegetables that are perennials?

-Wanting a Change

Dear Wanting a Change:

The three most common ones are Rhubarb, Asparagus and Strawberries. They are all fun to plant, eat and not have to plant again! And of course strawberries will fill out an area (and then some) and become more vibrant each year. Be aware that strawberries like a break-therefore if they have a great year the next year will produce lower gains. And although there are many recipes for rhubarb goodies, not all of them will taste great so prepare to experiment.


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