An Introduction to Urban Gardening

An Introduction to Urban Gardening

agf60063.JPGI do appeal to country bumpkins, don’t I? I tend to write to those with ample space, with the exception of container gardening issues. But with the new high-rise condos going up in many cities, urban gardening has become a topic in itself.

I beg of you now-if you live in an urban area with little space-please do not think that you cannot garden. It is more important now than ever that we all garden with what we have and become a little self-sufficient while helping our world. Whether it is a small kitchen herb garden, containers on your patio, houseplants or plants in a shared space-your contribution is important.

As you know, there are a number of planned gardening areas that you can find in the city-not necessarily for you to plant in like community gardens-but splashes of nature in condo’s, office buildings, hospitals and city blocks. I know of a middle school that is adding a greenhouse as a class project and for the betterment of growing all things green. We have the city parks, of course. And my fav buildings in the cities are the ones with the rooftop gardens and courtyards full of lush green and water features. Add a path and a few benches and I have found my peaceful spot-right in the middle of a bustling city.

Even those in the city relish in areas of beauty. Many people are drawn to purchase or lease a certain building because it has an element of green living, and because nature is implemented within that. I don’t know about you, but as I look at balconies and roofs above me, I am always drawn to the one with the occasional tree. It’s clever, creative, good for our environment and brings a smile to my face (I’m sure some birds out there appreciate it too).

So this begins some posts in a new category of Urban Gardening. I hope that this will appeal to many readers and I hope that you will freely comment as we move along. If you have urban gardening experience, please comment and send me your pictures at [email protected] and I may feature you and your story on the blog.

Stay tuned for Monday’s post (August 18th) when we will talk about a Japanese Tomato Ring and how you can get more tomato yield in a small space.

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