An Interview with Kiss My Aster

An Interview with Kiss My Aster

pinup226.jpgPlease meet my Twitter friend, Kissmyaster, who just landed a cool opportunity to have her blog inducted into the Horticultural Magazine Hall of Fame. No, don’t run off and look for nomination forms-there isn’t really a Hall of Fame. However, Horticulture liked her blog enough that they pulled it right into their site (with KMA’s permission, of course).

It’s a coupe-a great one-and I am so very proud of her. So I insisted that she come visit and share some of her garden wisdom with us. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Flora-What do you implement in your garden that would be considered “sustainable” to the lot of us?

KMA-For me, “sustainability” is just a new term for “what works”. I garden on a budget and I care about the Earth-that has just naturally made what I do sustainable. I compost everything, I have 2 big compost bins and I have a worm bin indoors as well..I buy things second-hand, I recycle and reuse likes nobody’s business. My wicker furniture came out of an alley, my pots would have gone in the garbage because they were cracked… you get the picture.

Flora-Why do you garden?

KMA– I can’t not garden. Growing things creatively is literally my religion.

Flora- What do you hope to accomplish with your blog?

KMA-I hope to bring gardening to people who think they can’t. I want to make gardening as hip as knitting or roller derby. I want to see an increase in garden-related tattoos (Flora is ROFL). Do you want me to go on? Because I could!

Flora- YES!

KMA– There are a lot of potential gardeners out there that don’t do it because they think they need to read a ton of books and buy all sorts of gear. It’s so much more basic than that and I hope to appeal to those people. You don’t need a big hat to garden. You just need your hands and a patch of land. It doesn’t all have to be so serious.

Flora- What are some great ways to connect with other gardeners? 

KMA-I love hollering over people’s fences. And in turn, I love to get hollered at! Gardens pull everyone together, gardeners and non-gardeners. You know you’ll stop sweating and chat with anyone about what a great job you’re doing…. and everyone else feels the same. Anyone will all stop and gab gardening with you. If that doesn’t work, I buy them off with sacks full of tomatoes…

Flora- Do you have any challenges with composting? I had one person buy a big one but without a crank and now they want to know how to mix it-other than a shovel.

KMA-Complaints about new, fancy composters is something I hear about frequently. I’m old school with my composter. My dad made it for me as a replica of the one we had growing up. My only compost caper story is that I threw some old gourds in there last fall and this year I had a gourd farm because of it. The seeds that were on the outsides of the bin didn’t get hot enough to sterilize and I just had gourds everywhere. But you know what? I loved it. They were beautiful and funky and this fall I threw them in the bins along with some new, even funkier varieties so I can have an even wilder summer in ’09!

Flora- Thanks, Kiss My Aster. You are a kick in the….uh, pants!

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