An Interview with “Growing a Greener World” TV

An Interview with “Growing a Greener World” TV


Last night during the Arboretum Foundation fundraiser Arbor Eden event, I was able to grab a few moments with my friend and co-hort Theresa Loe, Associate Producer of Growing a Greener World TV (, founder of Living Homegrown Fresh® (, Master Canner, and well, so much more. We’ve been hearing a lot about Growing a Greener World TV (GGWTV) from Executive Producer and Host, Joe Lamp’l, I hoped to get a little insight from someone else on the team who works hard both behind the scenes and in front of the camera. In my brief Q&A with Theresa, I found out a little more about why GGWTV chose to film at the 2011 Northwest Flower & Garden Show, what to look forward to in forthcoming season 2 of the program, and which are Theresa’s personal “must see” gardens at this year’s show.

Robin: Theresa, tell me why Growing a Greener World TV is filming an episode for season 2 of the program at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show this year?

Theresa: We work to feature people, places and organizations that are doing great things for the planet through gardening. In general, garden shows are fantastic places for people to get new, fresh eco-friendly ideas. It’s your opportunity to meet and pick the brain of garden designers who have just created gardens that you love. I have been attending the Northwest Flower and Garden show for 15 years; Joe has been attending for at least 10 years now. We both attend other shows, but we chose to feature the Northwest Flower & Garden Show on GGWTV because it is our favorite show. The people, designers, nurseries and the whole Pacific Northwest community really understands and lives the eco-conscious lifestyle, which is the message our show endeavors to communicate.

Robin: Among so many fantastic displays, have you had a chance to pick out any personal “must-see” favorite 2011 show gardens?

Theresa: I’ve got two (so far). I love Courtney Goetz’ “Paradise (to be) Regained.” At only 17 years old, Courtney has created something magnificent. To be that young and thinking outside the box and already wanting to let anyone on any income know that they can do this really spoke to me. My other favorite is one I simply want to go live in. The Christianson’s Nursery “A Day Well Spent” reminds me of England. I love the repurposed material greenhouse and the cold frame made from recycled materials. It is charming.

Robin: Might I add that A Day Well Spent reminds me of your garden?

Theresa: (Laughing) Oh you’re right. It is definitely my style!

Robin: Any chance you’ll share a little bit about what viewers can look forward to in the new season of Growing a Greener World?

Theresa: Sure! One of our most popular episodes last year featured my garden and focused on backyard chickens.

Robin: (Rudely interrupting Theresa) And what an amazing backyard farm you have – in Los Angeles, within throwing distance of Los Angeles International Airport. If anyone ever says they can’t farm in the city, your garden is a testament to the fact that anyone, anywhere can farm!

Theresa: Because of the popularity of this episode, we are expanding on this idea with programming including an episode featuring Rosalind Creasy on Edibles. We are also putting together a show about gardening for the hungry, which not only talks about planting for those in need, but we also share information about gleaning programs and more. And, we’ll be sharing more about Joe’s explorations in growing a victory garden on a $25 budget, which will also include more tips on canning and preserving your harvest.

Robin: It’s been great following your GGWTV website posts and Podcasts (link: on all sorts of topics. In particular, I love learning more about food preservation from you in these ways. I can’t wait to learn more in your Master Canner episode in season 2!

If you want to learn more about Growing a Greener World TV, visit their website or check out Janet’s blog post here ( . If you see the crew filming during the show, don’t hesitate to say hello between takes. And set your DVRs for July 30, 2011 when local PBS affiliate KCTS9 is scheduled to air our Seattle hometown Garden Show episode of Growing a Greener World TV.

Don’t miss Robin’s seminar appearances at the 2011 Northwest Flower & Garden Show: Sprout Stage Saturday and Sunday at 5pm. Here Robin will be sharing the wonderful ways worms eat our garbage and turn it into fantastic compost for our gardens.

Hood Room Sunday at 2:45pm. Together with renowned urban beekeeper Corky Luster of Ballard Bee Company, Robin will share her insights about urban beekeeping and ways we can improve our gardens to attract and feed honeybee populations.  

Robin Haglund, CPH, is president of Garden Mentors® inc, offering Garden Coaching, Design, Consulting, Writing & Seminar Services. Visit her website at or follow her blog at All photos by Robin Haglund. – Janet

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