An Arizona Garden Update

An Arizona Garden Update

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My mom wanted to tell you all about her garden in Arizona so she did so, and made me jealous. Ha. Enjoy! 

Dear Daughter Flora:
Greetings from the valley of the sun. 

Things are so opposite here from there. For example, I saw two cars trying to get into the only shady spot to park at the local supermarket. Here, they use umbrellas for shade, not rain protection. Not complaining…having a lovely time playing in my tiny backyard container garden. Sending some pictures too.

If it looks like it’s in a tent, it is (sun protection, 102 yesterday). But cukes and tomatoes germinated and sprouted in 3 days. Amazing! The golden hubbard squash are up and running, the tomatoes grew 6 inches in one day.

Now all I have to do is to attract the bees, carefully however, the Africanized Killer Bees live here, too. So the landlord told us to assume all bees are those bees.

I planted a few sweet smelling dianthuses and a hanging strawberry basket hoping for pollinating to happen.

Got to go, the pool awaits 🙂
Love, Your Mother

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