A Smashing Good Memorial Day

A Smashing Good Memorial Day

may-140.JPGAre you ready? Are you excited? Have you shopped yet? If you have plans to host a gathering over the weekend or on Memorial Day, now is the time to prepare.

First and foremost, get your guest list ready and get on the phone-It’s less than a week away and your friends may already have plans so if you want to snag their company, speak now or forever hold your peace.  

Plan your menu and shopping list-Don’t forget basics that you will need such as grill supplies, beverages, paper plates, silverware, cups, napkins, etc.

Next, think activity-Of course, there are a ton of options and you can kick-start your brain by considering: Will there be couples? Will there be families and kids? Do you want a theme? What are some ideas with supplies that you already have and can dig out from the garage or attic? Make a list.  

Clean the Grill and find your utensils-Look for the long tools now, my friend. Last minute does not give you time to run to the store if you can’t find one that you need.

The Flower Lady, Photo courtesy of HeBlogsSheBlogs.comMow the Lawn/Weed the beds/Plant new flowers if needed-Don’t forget to let the kids help. Don’t be shy about adding a planter or two to enhance your entertaining area or add a focal point.

Clean the house-Especially the bathroom, gathering areas and the kitchen. Divide it up over the next several days so it’s not so daunting and again, the family can help.

Centerpiece Ideas

Wine for Red Sauce

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