Garden Show Seminar for Kids: Lisa Taylor

Garden Show Seminar for Kids: Lisa Taylor

courtesy Seattle TilthRecently, I chatted with Lisa Taylor and had a great time. She is hilarious. In case you haven’t heard, as the Children’s Program Director at Seattle Tilth, she will provide kid’s shows at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show on a stage near the grassy turf. I can tell you now that families are in for a huge treat.  

The focus of their fun presentations this year (which include puppets, singing and dancing) is…The Wonderful World of Bugs! Yes, I titled it such. But, if you attend, I know that you will see it’s worthiness of such a lofty title! In truth, the titles of the shows are “Don’t Squish that Bug!” and “Slimy Creatures”. They will be held on the Sprout Stage on 2/21 at 11:00AM and 4:00PM.

Seattle Tilth has made large bugs to help teach kids why bugs are in our gardens and all courtesy Seattle Tilththe great things that they help with in our gardens. Indeed, it turns out that bugs are part of the big plan after all! Kids and their families will learn (and see demonstrated) the lifecycle of a ladybug and spiders. They will also learn about gooey-bugs, including slugs and snails.

And speaking of Seattle Tilth, did you know that the children’s garden there is within a former swimming pool? How is that for a great way to reuse and recycle? Very cool!

Lisa is a contributing author of the “Maritime Northwest Garden Guide” (Seattle Tilth, 2002) and is also a former P-Patch member. She has appeared on “Gardening with Ciscoe” on KING-5 TV, Garden Show on KUOW, Farmer’s Almanac TV and NPR.

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