2015 Show Gardens: Giovanni’s Grotto, Bicycles, & More

2015 Show Gardens: Giovanni’s Grotto, Bicycles, & More

 Featuring 2015 Show Gardens 

It may seem easy to create spring, but some attendees of the Northwest Flower & Garden Show don’t realize just how much hard work goes into the full scale display gardens. Planning begins eight months prior. Along with many forms and deadlines to worry about, some plants are forced into bloom early to give that magical effect of Spring in February. Let’s just say nature doesn’t always cooperate. Another huge thing is all of these full scale gardens must be built in approximately 72 hours and torn down in 36 hours. All at the same time. Crazy, right?
And somehow they all manage to look amazing.

Here’s a look at three more of our 2015 Display Gardens.

Giovanni’s Grotto

A sketch of “Giovanni’s Grotto” by Dakara Landscape Design. See it in person at the 2015 Northwest Flower & Garden Show!

Oh boy, do I love an Italian themed garden. Dakara Landscape Design is creating an Italian grotto for a hideaway romantic garden. The plant material will be Mediterranean, yet still able to survive the Pacific Northwest climate. It will be a small, colorful space with a water feature and sitting areas. Let the love bloom!

A ‘Bi-O-Cycle’ Built for Two

Here’s an idea… use ponds as an art piece! Evergreen Landscaping & Ponds is coming back for their second Northwest Flower & Garden Show using two ponds in the shape of bicycle wheels and hearts. The ponds will include running waterfalls while the “bicycle frame” is created with natural tree branches. Tree stumps, ferns, ground covers, flowers and moss will surround the ponds to create a mature look.

The Root of True Romance
Beautiful Chaos: Love, Art, Nature


A photo of last year’s display by Elandan Gardens. Expect similar natural design work for their 2015 garden.

Elandan Gardens has designed at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show for many, many years. Every garden they produce has a distinct style: natural and grand. This year’s garden will be no different. A waterfall among large granite boulders, native plants, recycled wood, and a sculpted bench for sitting under a snag will set the lovely scene. There’s also a “pool of red tulips,” just in time for Valentine’s Day. Nature is the root of true romance in this garden.

Get inspired this year by our full scale Display Gardens. You can walk up to every garden to see, smell, and touch away. Get personal with the plants. All it takes is a ticket in! -Courtney

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