2015 Seminar Series: Garden-to-table

2015 Seminar Series: Garden-to-table

Interested in using fresh ingredients from your garden right to your dinner table? Here’s the seminars for you.



Make your own garden fresh cocktails with help from Beth Evans Ramos at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show!

As a gardener, you can be a great canner because you understand the value of well-grown produce. All you need are some solid canning skills and you can “put-up” seasonal food that is locally sourced, organic, GMO-free, delicious and available year round! Theresa Loe will show you how.

Pacific Horticulture magazine editor Lorene Edwards Forkner will extract, infuse and mix things up with garden-based shrubs, tisanes, and punches right in front of you while teaching you how.

Learn how to make cheese using farm fresh ingredients — with no complex or hard-to-find ingredients, and little prep time with Claudia Lucero, owner of Urban Cheese Craft.

Beth Evans Ramos shares her boozy beverages created with herbs & lots of organic garden ingredients. Tipsy twists on classic cocktails, plus all new Mama Beth original recipes. It’s a happy hour brimming with gardening, bartending, herbal medicine, and delectable drinks.

All of these seminars are FREE with your ticket into the Northwest Flower & Garden Show. Buy your tickets now! -Courtney

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