2015 Seminar Series: Edible Gardening and Urban Farming

2015 Seminar Series: Edible Gardening and Urban Farming

Here’s a sampling of our 2015 Seminar series Productive Landscapes: Edible Gardening and Urban Farming.

Edible gardening

Tomatoes, potatoes, and general edible gardening!
Danielle Sherry (a new speaker to NWFGS this year) will show you how to produce plenty of taters in only 4 ft. of space using a potato tower. Yes, it’s a real thing!
If tomatoes are a mystery to you, Craig LeHoullier can change you into an expert. He will share decades of tomato-growing experience to broaden your tastes and growing habits.
Leslie Bennett & Stefani Bittner know that veggie gardens don’t have to be ugly. Garden to table without sacrificing the beauty a garden can provide.
Diabetes is an ever-present problem for some people. It doesn’t have to be a challenge to manage though. Robin Haglund will share tips, tricks, and plenty of diabetes-friendly recipes from the garden.

If you only have a balcony or porch to grow on, Andrea Bellamy, Stacy Davison, and Shawna Coronado can teach you the ways of gardening in containers, towers, and other tiny spaces. Also speaking on edible gardening is Brian Minter and Graham Kerr.

Gardening 101:  Country Animals and City Gardens – February 14th at 1:00 PM


Speakers Jessi Bloom, Lacia Lynne Bailey, and Robin Haglund pose together for a photo. They will be speaking on bees, goats, and chickens in the Gardening 101 seminar.

Many gardeners are realizing the healthiest garden systems emulate nature, and include animals. They are taking the next step beyond vegetable gardens to incorporate chickens, bees, and even goats into their gardens. Animals and plants have specific relationships & needs, in order to thrive and be productive together. Lacia Lynne Bailey, Robin Haglund and Jessi Bloom will teach the basics of how to beautifully incorporate these increasingly popular small animals into home landscapes.
Basic Goat Keeping for Urban and Suburban Homes – Lacia Lynne Bailey
What the Cluck? Getting Started on Keeping Chickens Jessica Bloom
Bring Beneficial Bees into Your Backyard – Robin Haglund

These seminars are free, and the advice you’ll get is invaluable. Take advantage of the knowledge these pros will provide by going to the 2015 Northwest Flower & Garden ShowBuy tickets now! -Courtney

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