2015 Seminar Category: Solving Design Challenges with Style

2015 Seminar Category: Solving Design Challenges with Style

Our third seminar category is “Solving Design Challenges With Style: Artistic Inspiration For Every Garden.” This might be the most popular, simply because design challenges are NOT uncommon in most yards. Whether you have a specific challenge, or just want more from your garden… we have the seminars for you.


Garden design basics:

  • Vampires? Yes, Susan Morrison will use classic movie monsters and creatures of the night for her inspiration. But it’s really about creating a garden that shines in the evening and looks good in any season.
  • 2015 Show Judge Troy B. Marden will demonstrate excellent design techniques in the garden. As he says in his seminar description… “Great design is great design, no matter where you garden.”
  • The crucial design technique of layering plants in the garden will be brought to life in David Culp’s seminar “The Layered Garden: Design Lessons for Year-Round Beauty.”
  • Speaker Claire T. Jones will teach the art of ‘slow landscaping,’ a process that is done with “planning, thought, and sustainability.” The best gardens aren’t created overnight, you know!

Specific design challenges:


All seminars are free with entry into the 2015 Northwest Flower & Garden Show, so take advantage of all the expert advice you can get!

  • How do two garden experts garden together? Find out when Ciscoe Morris and his wife Mary talk on February 14th (how appropriate!).
  • If you’re struggling with a disability, an accident, or even your ageShirley Sidell can give tips on how to garden successfully with these.
  • Want to get rid of your lawn, or need help with your hellstrip? Evelyn Hadden can share her expertise on both of these topics in the times listed above.

How to add personal touches to your garden:

  • Cultivating Garden Style is the new hit by author Rochelle Greayer.  This seminar can help you bring your personal style into the garden. Take a look at your own tastes outside of the garden, and find how to translate them into it!
  • Have you ever wanted to make your own herbal spa products? Herb Lovers Spa Book author Sue Goetz will demonstrate every step of the process; from planting the herbs to creating your own natural spa products.
  • Linda Engstrom, FAPLD & 2015 Show Judge, will show how to add finishing hardscaping touches to your garden like gates, pergolas, waterfalls, sculptures, and more.
  • Sometimes a little inspiration is all you need. Michelle Gervais, senior editor at Fine Gardening, will show off the “Garden Photo of the Day” blog, which includes real ideas from gardens around the country.
  • You can enhance the design of your garden with sculpture, artifacts, and found objects. You can artfully incorporate these things with speaker Lucy Hardiman showing you how.

Stopping in on one of these seminars is like getting a free garden design consultation. It’s especially so because these expert seminars are all FREE with entry to the Northwest Flower & Garden Show.

Save money, and buy your tickets now! -Courtney

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