2015 Seminar Category: Small Space Solutions & Container Gardens

2015 Seminar Category: Small Space Solutions & Container Gardens

Category number four of the 2015 Northwest Flower & Garden Show seminar series is one of the most up and coming, simply because sometimes garden space is a rare commodity. Properties are shrinking, while more people have only balconies as their outdoor area.


If you have a bare balcony or porch, stop in on Karen Chapman or Barbara Wise‘s seminars for the best way to design your own containers using the right plants, containers, and colors.

Want to add a Japanese maple into your small garden? Barry Hoffer will tell you the best soil conditions, containers, and year-round care.

Hydroponics can be very confusing, but even if you have limited space you can grow significant fruits, veggies, and more! Greg Hendrick can show you how.


Plant your best container garden with expert advice at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show. Photo: speaker Barbara Wise.

Our Wednesday Gardening 101 will be on Small Space Solutions!
Susan Morrison shares before-and-after makeovers and simple, budget-friendly touches. Donna Balzer will show you how to transform garden waste spaces into garden growing areas — maximizing your harvest with pop-up gardens. And Lucy Hardiman shows how you can fool the eye with color, making less seem more. Each short seminar will be packed with big ideas, so don’t miss them.

Just because you don’t have acres and acres doesn’t mean you’re left out. Find ways around to beautify your balcony, porch, or even just the inside of your apartment. Make sure to check out the full 2015 seminar schedule, and buy tickets because these seminars are all FREE with your Northwest Flower & Garden Show ticket! -Courtney


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