10 Fun Things to do at a Garden Show

10 Fun Things to do at a Garden Show

  1. Close your eyes when you first walk into the rooms with the show gardens. Listen and smell instead. Then forever seal that moment in your brain.
  2. Ask the garden designers why they won (if they did). They will have varying opinions and it’s quite fun.
  3. Ask people where they are from. You will get interesting answers, guaranteed.
  4. Wander the aisles as much as you want. But don’t forget to check out the very cool stuff for sale. Many of them will make your life easier in your garden.
  5. If you wander the same aisle several times, booth operators might look at you funny. But that’s OK-I recommended smiling and waving. They like that.
  6. Specifically seek out the educational booths. There are a ton and they have a lot of information available. They are also great for seeking specific information on certain types of plants and trees.
  7. Make sure that you check out this year’s Great Plant Picks. Do you have your poster yet? If not, sign up when you are there and you will get one before the show next year.
  8. The seminars are GOLD. Seriously. So much education is available for only the price of your ticket and it would be very silly of you not to take advantage of it. Get the schedule early and plan the rest of your day around those you want to sit in on.
  9. Visit the Cheesecake Factory across the street from the convention center. (smile)
  10. Forget where you park at the end of the long day when your feet are aching. This is an essential component of any good show.

See shuttle services this year.

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