Northwest Flower & Garden Show

2011 Photo Album

2011 Garden Creators

The display gardens are the heart and soul of all world-class flower shows. Below is a list of garden creators for the 2011 show.

This year for the first time ever, the Northwest Flower & Gardens Show has teamed up with designers to create its own garden.  d4collective and The Northwest Flower & Gardens Show present the 2011 Signature Garden

Photos courtesy of Michael Walmsley

Garden in Verse

d4collective has reached beyond the usual flower show experience to one of garden theater- setting the stage for an ethereal and dream-like garden experience.  Entering through a dramatic pergola, the viewer is transported from the commotion of the flower show into an inner sanctuary of poetry and lush plantings.  A theatrical atmosphere surrounds a garden of pure white flowers, pools of water and stunning sculpture.  The quiet created within the garden “walls” offers moments to reflect– just as reading allows one’s imagination to move us to another place.



A Day Well Spent

Once upon a time plants were started from seed or cuttings, grown on in pots or open fields and sold to customers at the same location.  These small family nurseries took on an easy charm with left over plants, bulbs, trees and shrubs sometimes taking root wherever they were last set down.  Rows of trees could become permanent windbreaks and lined out shrubs could turn into fences.  Seasons influenced the family’s life with most of spring taken up with selling plants and the rest of the year with plant production in the growing fields behind the nursery.

John and Toni Christianson
Christianson’s Nursery

A Wrinkle In Time

Stefonic 2011

A crystal ball to view future events, reading glasses to rearrange atoms, other planets and dimensions with grassy plains and wooded forests; similar yet different than our own planet. Everything connected to everything else where light glows and warms while shadows create suspense.  Follow three young people along with beings who were once stars in the galaxies while they use their elevated intuition, psychic ability and enlightenment to travel the tesseracts; folds in time and space, to fight for love, free thought and expansion.  Provocative with the appearance of science fiction tesseracts do really exist. Is the story a stretch of the imagination or …a glimpse into worlds not yet discovered?

Karen Stefonick Design

B.Bissell General Contractor, LLC


Alice In Wonderland

“The first Thing I’ve got to do is to grow to my right size again and the second Thing is to find my way to that lovely garden.”  – Lewis Carroll – Today we face many unpredictable personal and environmental challenges and a garden can be a sanctuary for contemplation and enjoyment.  We need to think “outside the rabbit hole” and in our garden you will see creative and unique ways to do this.  So will you think BIG… or small?  Relax, enjoy the garden, and consider which paths you will choose going forward in the world.

Zsofia Pasztor
Innovative Landscape Technologies


Alice’s Labyrinth

“Then it seemed like falling into a labyrinth: we thought we were at the finish, but our way bent ‘round and we found ourselves, as it were, back at the beginning, and just as far from that which we were seeking at first.” SOCRATES  In striving for a sustainable society, we learn of the distance we still must travel. As one walks through Alice’s Labyrinth, one will reflect upon how individual steps will result in getting closer to true sustainability. The theme is to treasure resources, replenish the earth, and create healthy habitats.

Cedar Grove Composting
206 832-3000

Cook’s Endeavour Returns with Treasure

Imagine how fantastic and exotic Australia would have appeared to intrepid young “Stowaway”, Nicholas, when he landed with the company of scientists and artists from the HMS Endeavour.  The spectacular variety of flora and fauna filled them with enthusiasm as they worked to document their findings in this new land.  This garden vignette is a journal of botanical discoveries from around the world, showing lush and diverse plant communities.  Explore the treasure trove of possibilities available in the northwest.  Be inspired to create botanically distinctive arrangements of color and texture in your own garden with plants from around the globe.

Kate Easton, CPH | Garden Vision, Inc
Megan Pulkkinen, CPH | Megan Pulkkinen Landscape Design
Lloyd Glasscock, CPH | Pacific Stone Co
Kirsten Lints, CPH | Gardens Alive Design


Gnarly Branches, Ancient Trees

A Garden and now a Book dedicated to the life and genius of an American pioneer in both bonsai and landscaping. Living history and life through the window of trees, this is a gardener who sets a natural scene for a Gallery of Nature.  Stones create a mountainous focal point, trees are selected for their timeless presence, all collectively embracing an enchanting pool.  This is a celebration of ancient trees, sculptural elements leaving the mark of artistic courage and originality.

Elandan Gardens Ltd.


Life’s Journey in a Garden

The ultimate fairytale ending.  This garden leads us on a journey of a life lived in heartache and darkness turned to light and love.  Our trash garden with wonderful black plants, thorny things, and rusty relics gives way to a lovers rendezvous inside a hidden garden.  Peace and solitude are waiting here amidst the golden foliage, beautiful lush grass, and small pond.  Our modern day chaotic lives demand a quiet garden spot to recharge, rejuvenate and reconnect with our roots.

Susan Calhoun
Plantswoman Design


Next Stop, Hotel Babylon

Welcome to Hotel Babylon!  A place where new living systems create a backdrop for eco-chic travelers to explore the future of ecologically luxurious living.  This garden expresses the way plants and energy lend themselves to integrated interior/exterior spaces while creating comfort and awe.  Plantings flow overhead and under foot with a large Green Roof Canopy and vegetated floor tiles.  These systems give way to an interior garden where parties can sit and stare at a large living wall integrated with modern art.  Whether plugging into the sun with an electric vehicle or breathing the fresh interior air, this is the destination of the future traveler.

Brian Heather
SolTerra Systems


Once Upon a Thyme

Once upon a Thyme, in a land not so far away, lived a very happy woman.  So happy was she, that people came from far and wide to learn her secret for the good life she had created.  Her sage answer was always the same.  “The recipe for a good life,” she proclaimed …consist of 3 ingredients.  You must have a garden to feed the soul!  You must surround yourself with beautiful things to feed your heart!  And your body must always be fed with delicious food and good wine!  Follow my advice and your home will always be filled with love and laughter.  The moral of the story is: life can be good but it will always be better with a garden, something beautiful to look at and a good meal.  And so she lives happily and heartily ever after.

Wight’s Home & Garden




Paradise (to be) Regained

I’m seventeen years old and my generation is looking for paradise in a shrinking world. There is so much clutter and it continues to grow exponentially every day. While no universal remedy exists, it could start with simple changes that every person can contribute. This is my idea– I want to share a garden that seeks sustainability; including plants that don’t beg for water and a container that is repurposed for a unique shelter. This garden uses the power to reclaim and “recharacterize” what is left behind.  So when Father Industry comes to battle with Mother Nature, who wins?

Courtney Goetz
Creative Gardener


Rain, Rain, Go Away . . . P.S. Come Again

But wait! Let’s do something clever with all that water coming off your roof!  Let’s take the concept of water-runoff management and create not just a functional bio-swale, but an interactive and innovative garden destination.  How about architectural walls, arched geometric shapes, converging on a central focal-point garden of water-loving plants? Yes!… art & architecture with fallen water being absorbed in nature…a symphony in green.

Nancy Claire Guth
Artistic Garden Concepts

Van Zanten Landscapes

Basalite Concrete Products



‘Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let down your long hair.’  The story of Rapunzel is beautifully displayed using early-flowering annuals, colorful perennials, spring-flowering bulbs, stately conifers and deciduous trees—all artistically arranged around Rapunzel’s tower. Our garden is composed of plant material that is readily available during early spring and can easily become part of a larger composition in which a bright splash of color will wash away the dreariness of winter. Stacked rock retaining walls add to the “olde world” ambiance created by the tower and castle, with thoughts of damsels and white knights following close behind. Come and enjoy this story!

Flower Growers of Puget Sound WA





Run Little Pigs, Run!

There has been warning of a formidable predator in our midst.  In this interpretation of the classic fairy tale, The Three Little Pigs, the brothers have built their own dwellings for protection.  As the tale goes, the homes and gardens reflect the brothers’ personalities and abilities.  Built of straw, sticks, and one of brick—the homes become progressively sturdier and gardens more complex.  A stand of trees separate the homes and the Wolf’s habitat.  The underground lair is dug under a  large stump. The natural habitat is planted with dark and barbed plants.  The stage is set for a feast tonight, but the tale will tell the truth.

Susan Browne
Susan Browne Landscape Design

James Sprague, CPH
Fancy Plants Gardens



Shamazan – Where Gifts and Wildings Grow

We join young Mindy Moffit, Walker-Between-The-Worlds, on the eve of a sacred gathering hosted by the nomadic People of the Heart.  Presently, Mindy discovers a secluded hot-spring near a ferny outcropping, where she receives an unexpected gift.  Soon, the stage below will overflow with music.  The People will harvest medicine, food and fiber from this abundant meadow—a lawn alternative.  Flamboyant exotics and unassuming wildings are all welcome in this gently cultivated sanctuary.  Later, Mindy circles the simple yet powerful Medicine Wheel and realizes her precious, innate gifts.  Transformed, our heroine leaves this haven to rescue the animals she loves. (Based on the novel, Shamazan, by garden creator, Suzy Dingle.)

Suzy Dingle
Suzy Dingle Landscape Creations

Victor Higgins
Higgins & Tiller Landscaping


Stepping through a Timeless Tranquil Forest

Combining nature’s balance of elements are specimen, ornamental and native plantings found in a high mountain alpine setting. Their use maximizes conservation and minimizes overgrowth and maintenance. A spectacular waterfall creates a symphony of sight and sound as water beats down on the rock formations. A weathered maple stands as a sentinel against time and the elements, inviting visitors to experience the natural beauty and tranquility of the wilderness.

John Kinssies
Kinssies Landscaping
[email protected]


The Frog Prince with ‘GreenStyle’

Just as the timeless tale of ‘The Frog Prince’ reminds – ‘all that glitters is not gold’, this modern oasis transforms a magical blend of found treasures and lush landscape, for simple elegance that shines. Blurring the lines between indoors and out, the green roof, living walls and rain chain of this ‘greenstyle’ retreat captures liquid gold falling from the sky, to nourish a quiet pool and garden – while the glow of a candlelight dinner or relaxing dip are enjoyed by a warm fireside, as fireflies light a cool evening sky.

WALP King County Chapter

Designed By:
Linda Fraser-Zimmer, CPH
Sandra Hasegawa Ingalls
Foresight, Inc.


The Japanese Garden: Bridging History

This display celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Seattle Japanese Garden at the Arboretum. Inspired by the design of the garden, the display demonstrates an informal style at the front and a formal one at the rear. A zigzag bridge, spanning a rock peninsula and metaphorical pond, unites the two styles.  Filled with flowering cherry trees and stone pathways, and bordering a stucco wall, the display creates the setting for the Japanese fable, “The Old Man Who Made Trees Blossom.” Look for the faithful dog Shiro who helps his master revive an old cherry tree in the courtyard garden of the local prince.

Arboretum Foundation




The Orchid Hunters – Out of the Pages of History

In the early 1800s, wealth and privilege gave access to education and travel. Only the wealthy and nobility could afford to collect and house orchids. Stories of adventure and accomplishment make the lives of these men noteworthy. Some were pioneers, exploring New Worlds, expanding knowledge of geography, taxonomy and other natural sciences. Others worked diligently cataloging and drawin orchids to preserve the knowledge and make order of it.

So begins the craze of “Orchidmania”. It involved individuals from many walks of life and ranks of society. Passionate men, they were collectors, botanists, taxonomists, nurserymen and buyers. Most left this life never having found fame or fortune but could never have been satisfied in any other field.

Join us as we highlight how these orchid hunters and their patrons influenced the orchids we grow and love today.

Northwest Orchid Society


The Tree

Acer palmatum (Green Leaf Japanese Maple) approximately 20′ tall and 20′ wide

Big Trees, Inc





Wind in the Willows

Come enjoy the enchantment of a beloved English children’s classic, “Wind in the Willows” by Kenneth Grahame. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of life along the river.  Plants suitable for Northwest gardens range from the dappled shade of Badger’s wild woods, on down to the marshy verge of “Portley Otter’s” rain garden swale, over to the open meadow gracing the ancestral Toad Hall  Your garden can tell a story which will provide a unifying theme to help guide your choice of plants and accessories.   Join “Ratty”, “Mole”, and “Badger” as they rein in the mischievous “Mr. Toad” on the river and the road.  You too may discover that there is nothing quite so fine as messing about in the garden.

Judith I. Jones
Fancy Fronds

Vanca Lumsden
ALBE Rustics


Wish ‘Shoe’ Were Here

This garden is of a modern design that takes liberties with the popular nursery rhyme, “The Old Woman in the Shoe.” The garden’s most visible element is the “shoe” itself.  Its curves are echoed throughout the garden, along with design elements from the shoe construction. The planting scheme is a combination of semi-tropical and common plants seen in traditional Northwest landscapes. These plants are brought together to create harmonious and complementary combinations.  Recycled lumber and materials have been used extensively to create both wood and steel structures as wells as innovative ways to create planters and pots.  This garden, with its fanciful take on an old classic, provides a wealth of design ideas.

Association of Professional Landscape Designers, Washington Chapter

Designed by: Evan Pease

Photos courtesy of Michael Walmsley