Northwest Flower & Garden Show

2009 Photo Album

Photos courtesy of Michael Walmsley

Collaborating With Nature

Active Landscape Design & Services Inc.
Tony Fajarillo
[email protected]

Living bonsai trees and live landscape scenes are displayed and framed amongst other fine arts inside a modern Asian-inspired Art Museum. Highlighted are bonsai trees in a weather-emulating display case with similar weather conditions as the tree’s natural habitat. The display suggests a living piece of our planet or nature. The beautiful display is created by a bonsai artist who understands the care of the tree. Knowing how the tree (nature) responds, the artist (man) silently collaborates with nature to create a work of art. Collaborating with nature can keep our planet healthy and ultimatley save us becasue, we are nature.


A Garden I Love

Adam Gorski Landscapes, INC
(425) 766-8605

The only thing Nana is more obsessed about than gardening is her 1967 Red Mustang she purchased new with only tweleve miles. It needs constant tinkering and love, just like her garden. She built the carport and driveway to give scale to space and function. All the hardscape repeats textures and colors of her Mustang. The planting is red; Mustang parts direct the landscape and the soil is cultivated perfectly, just like her commitment to her car. This garden is an expression of who she is and what she loves.


URBAN ELEMENTS – Innovative Design for Small Spaces

Contact: Susie Thompson, [email protected]
Tina Nyce, [email protected]

Designer: APLD Design Team







L’eau sage

Creative Gardener
P.O. Box 2404
Gig Harbor, WA 98335
[email protected]


Advanced Landscape

A European style courtyard sits in the midst of water-wise (eau sage) plants that bathe in the sun. The beauty and effect of gravel fringes the edges of plants suited for the Pacific Northwest. Plants appreciate the sharp drainage that gravel mulch provides in a wet winter as well as the ability to capture heat from the sun in all seasons. Usage of specialty rock refines the look beyond the ordinary functional purpose of gravel. Texture play of plants and rock accent old world stone that meets contemporary outdoor living in a design that inspires to capture the ambiance of Provence.


Restoring A Garden to Former Glory

Elandan Gardens, Ltd.
3050 W State Hwy 16
Bremerton, WA 98312
(360) 373-8260

Visit our new store:

Elandan Gallery
Uptown Mall in Gig Harbor
4763 Point Fosdick Rd
Gig Harbor, WA 98335

Where does the time go? Life happens fast. Your job at a major software company demanded most of your time, you now have a grandchild, and the peaceful landscape created for your safe harbour has matured beyond recognition. Years have passed since the magnificently trained pines and maples in this garden have been pruned. Although the sentinel trees are overgrown, the “bones” of the garden are still the foundation, and recoverable. The pathway is clear, the pond is recharged, and you will witness master pruner Dan Robinson restore the trees to their former glory over the next five days. The garden is once again your safe harbour.


Shall We Dance…. In the Garden?

Designed by: Judith I. Jones and Vanca Lumsden
Created by: Fancy Fronds, ALBE, and AW Pottery

Fancy Fronds
Judith I. Jones
(360) 793-1472
[email protected]

Aw Pottery

Shall We Dance . . . in the Garden”

You are cordially invited to our interpretation of the dance scene in the beloved musical, “The King and I”. The royal ballroom is set amidst a verdant jungle dominated by cold resilient ornamentals with tropical punctuations. Enhancing the mood are the Thai inspired garden pavilion, silk hangings, and unique containers and sculptures. As you immerse yourself in our theatrically inspired setting imagine some of these delectable features and plantings gracing your garden. RSVP



[email protected]

Designer: Pat Giroux and Maggie Green








Welcome to Your Weekend

Le Jardin Landscape Design
Karen Stefonick – Principal/Designer
(206) 412-5op990

B. Bissell General Contractors, LLC
Landscape Installation
[email protected]
(425) 770-0789

While moments are fleeting, memories last forever. Create as many as you like in this easy living outdoor kitchen and entertainment space. With a nod to modernism and lodge-like charm, this garden was dropped down into a wooded playground just for you. Using Mother Natures design icon, green, you can have garden interest without being boring, fussy or requiring high maintenance. Mixed greens ranging from lettuce leaf hues to bright Granny-Smith apple green both sooth and energize. Add shiny metallics, stone and rough hewn wood and you have the yin and yang of textures. This garden is the perfect intimate place to cook, play, relax and enjoy a weekend …. or an entire summer.


Natures Classroom

New Leaf Creations Inc.
Steve Haizlip
[email protected]
(425) 766-2277

Peek through the window of a living wall to an outdoor classroom created by and for urban high school students that will be future horticulturists, landscape designers, and green industry leaders. Set in the lush natural Pacific Northwest environment, this is a unique space for experiential and project-based fieldwork. The physical classroom extends beyond the green roof and into the natural surroundings, with room for students to put into practice what they learn through collaboration, planning and execution of their own ideas. Students focus on both sustainable and beautiful design; incorporating recycled materials and impervious surfaces and applying fundamental green gardening principles. With nature as a classroom, students feel inspired to make the preservation of nature a priority.


Jungle Orchids, Jungle Masks

NW Orchid Society
Mariposa Indigenous Art
970 Terrace Drive
Friday Harbor, WA 98250
(360) 378-9425

Orchids are remarkable works of art. They are defined and varied in presentation, plant habit, foilage, light, water and temperature requiements, pollinators, flower structures and fragrances. Orchids display the diverse colors and textures of the rainforest through its seasons. Their beauty is often reflected in the cultures of the local people. The Borucan Indians of Costa Rica masterfully blend their cultural heritage with themes of the rainforest to create stunning masks of art. Art that forms a garden of curiosity and wonder. Come join us on the Path.


Fata Morgana: Reflection of Our Dreams

NW Landscape by Design, LLC
Robert Worthington – CLD, CLP, CLT-E
Nataliya Worthington – BA, MBA
809 23rd Street S.E.
Auburn, Washington
253-217-3270 253-217-3015

Breath, See, Listen to our garden. Creation of aura, shimmering atmosphere. Reflection of modern life, where everything flows. Light, airy, movable.

As the weary traveler sees
In desert or prairie vast,
Blue lakes, overhung with trees,
That a pleasant shadow cast;

Fair towns with turrets high,
And shining roofs of gold,
That vanish as he draws nigh,
Like mists together rolled,

So I wander and wander along,
And forever before me gleams
The shining city of song,
In the beautiful land of dreams.

But when I would enter the gate
Of that golden atmosphere,
It is gone, and I wander and wait
For the vision to reappear.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
fragment from “Fata Morgana”



NW Majestic Landscape & Living Inc.
Design and Installation
[email protected]
Designer: John Faccone
(206) 261-0594

Self Preservation and Peace of mind. Take your space and make home that place. Bailouts, meltdowns, corruption and scandal disappear, only you control what happens here. Classic and timeless garden design in city or out. A low maintenance, Natural stone paver patio, shallow and serene reflection pond, and plants that take care of themselves.


SKYLINE SANCTUARY – A Terrace Garden for Contemporary Living

[email protected], 206.295.2979


Elliottbay Landscape Design
Todd Beneveds
[email protected], 206.295.2979

Designer: Octavia Chambliss




Patchwork Garden

Olympic Nursery


Gathering Fabric Quilt Shop

From the days of the silk highway to modern times, botanicals have inspired the design and creation of the textile arts. For centuries, plant extracts have been used as fabric dyes expressively to replicate Mother Nature’s painting of the flora world in color, texture, design and dimension. In “Patchwork Garden” we showcase magnificent quilts as the garden inspiration. Here, both botanical and crafted creations are seasonally displayed to honor the ancient tradition of joining the natural and inspired as one.



Outdoor Concepts, LLC
[email protected]


Lauchlin R. Bethune Associates, Inc.
Landscape Architects ASLA

Leave the hustle and bustle of the work day behind and enter a garden oasis. Relax to an environment filled with nature’s soothing scents and visual pleasures. Enjoy flowers blooming with a burst of rainbow colors layered within sculptural conifers and evergreen flowering shrubs. Stroll down the curved stone path past the bubbling water feature and relax on the paver patio listing to the sound of cascading water as the birds frolic in the bird bath. Enjoy the gentle sway of the trees as the wind blows lazily through the garden spreading the sweet smell of nature while listing to the sound of wind chimes throughout our tranquil garden.


A Garden’s Story in 100 Words

Pamela Richards
[email protected]
(206) 781-2314


Pacific Stone Company
3826 Rucker Ave
Everett, WA 98201
(425) 258-1911

Today, no plants are planted, no weeds are weeded. Today, between naps, the Sunday paper is enjoyed. Today, The Very Hungry Caterpillar is chewed on and read aloud. Containers of edibles offer fiddleheads for a salad and tulip petals for the dressing. Green walls shelter, a stone floor supports and the sweet scent of daffodils drifts among books and readers. Now, light fades, white bark and flowers advance. Within me lie the remains of the day and restoration…the gentle sound of water, the warmth of fire and conversation, the promising dance of grasses and the pages of a book.


Sky’s the Limit

Rebecca Cole
(212) 216-9492


Smith & Hawken


B. Bissell General Contractors, LLC
Landscape Installation
[email protected]
(425) 770-0789

As our cities become more populated, space becomes more limited, and our desire to be more “green” flourishes, the ROOF emerges as the greener pasture for a gardening revolution. Maximizing the limited space for living, gardening, and venting, this high rise roof top garden, 20 stories up, merges indoor/outdoor living, el fresco dining and energy saving building technologies with a passion for sustainable gardening. Capturing the beauty of the mountains of New Hampshire where I grew up, Thailand where I love to visit and New York City where I live, this garden combines wind-resistant trees, hardy bamboo, drought tolerant grasses and succulents to reinvent the urban jungle. When every precious inch counts even the picnic table needs to be reinvented!!!



Serene Scapes

Gardens can be an enriching experience complete with stimulating journeys and irresistible destinations. Beautiful outdoor spaces speak to all the human senses. As you enter “Get away to it all” you are greeted by soothing sounds of falling water. A stone fountain offers a connection to the earth we draw life from. Eye catching pots of all sizes, textures and colors, spring up from a reflecting pond to offer up a luscious combination of plants and flowers. Texture abounds in beautiful tree bark, Bamboo, boulders, rocks and pathways. Finally, relax and reflect in a cozy retreat. Who could ask for more!





Shapiro Ryan Design
7315 W Green Lake Dr. N.
Seattle, WA 98103
206 781 9157 office
206 271 8201 cell (Martha)
206 941 6361 cell (Clare)

Creating a show garden gives us the opportunity to ponder design issues with greater depth and more intention. This garden explores some Japanese garden traditions and how we could reinterpret those elements for a contemporary urban space. We took pieces of traditional structure like the moon gate and garden house, built them with modern and recycled materials then worked a comtempl;ative viewing garden around them. The views are carefully controlled from the platform and overlook a composite stylized streambed. Sweeps of ornamental grasses and groundcovers swirl at the edges. The deck and ground plane fan out from the platform providing a dynamic break to the geometry.


Landscape Desegregation

Star Nursery & Landscaping, LLC
13916 42nd Ave S
Seattle, WA 98168
(206) 241-2115

Structures from Southeast Asia combined with planting styles form the Pacific Northwest unite in their garden for both functionality and esthetics. The pathway meanders by large rock outcroppings, blooming azaleas and rhododendrons, delicate ground covers and large evergreen trees. A tranquil pond along with various ways to relax and get out of the sun (or rain) will interrupt your journey thought this garden. With so many culturally different components available now for the landscape you can mix and match them to create a design that truly fits the people that use them.



Your Garden Oasis – The Everyday Getaway

Kristy Ditmore
Under the Arbor Landscape Design
(425) 319-8221
[email protected]


Complete Landscape Service
Steven Spear, Owner/Operator
Everett, WA 98025
[email protected]

In this hectic and fast paced world we are all living in, it is very important to have a space to relax, unwind and rejuvenate. A pleasing structure provides shelter but also allows soothing rays of sunshine to sneak through. The patio has a cozy and comfy seating area that is perfect for just putting your feet up, unwinding with your family at the end of the day or for chatting with friends. The calming sound of water and an inviting tapestry of plants with an assortment of textures and delightful colors will melt your stress away. You might never leave!


Entry to Cascadia

Washington Park Arboretum
Arboretum Foundation
2300 Arboretum Drive East
Seattle, WA 98112
(206) 325-4510

Phil Wood
Phil Wood Garden Design

Bob Lilly

This garden celebrates the quiet and complex beauty of plants native to Cascadia – The Pacific Northwest. The rich tapestry of deep greens, ferns, and flowering shurbs fulfills our quest to garden in harmony with nature. A gathering place with local basalt stone, Cascadia ground covers, and woodland plants begins our experience. The stone-lined path provides an entry into the native temperate forest. The circular bench and pathway gives structure to the textures, foliage and branch patterens of our native flora.


Reclaim, Recreate, Rejuvenate

Washington State Nursery & Landscape Association
[email protected]

Walden Garden Services
Kerry Sexton-Smith

Lucinda Landscapes
Lucinda McMahan
PO Box 68
Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043
[email protected]

Partnership for Water Conservation

Satisfaction in a garden space involves creative and fun elements, a reflection of the personality of the gardener. Using your imagination, ordinary and re-purposed household items can take on a second life. The garden becomes a relaxing escape where reading a good book in a natural setting, or planting bulbs to add color to your garden, are equally gratifying. This space is a blend of old and new, synthetic and natural, where water is valued and conserved. It provides a setting for both people and animals to co-exist in the harmonious suspension of time and place.


At the Water’s Edge

Wayside Landscaping
Paul Balint
[email protected]


Sublime Garden Design
Heidi Skievaski
[email protected]

A sustainable sanctuary that provides all the comforts of modern living with a minimum impact on the environment. The cozy cabin is powered by the energy of the sun. The lush garden thrives with a combination of natives and hardy ornamentals. Enjoy a quiet slumber on your hammock, listening to the subtle sounds of a trickling stream. Get together with family and friends and roast marshmallows around a central fire pit. Relax with a book or entertain on the patio, and for a true change, journey out onto the water and experience a calming effect like no other.


Rock Solid Conifers

Wells Nursery
1201 Blodgett Road
Mount Vernon, WA 98274

Marenakos Rock Center

Planting Design
Rod Juntunen Owner/Designer
24200 76th Ave. W.
Edmonds, WA 98026

Cultivated conifers in the landscape represent art and beauty. The addition of ornamental rock provides the graceful bones and strength for structure. Together, they act as one in creating an even more striking presence. Ornate rocks with various color tones and texture collected from across the United States, combined with weeping, dwarf and upright forms of ornamental evergreens create a collage of impressive distinction. Mixed hues of green, blue and gold colored conifers interconnect to provide an additional sense of elegance and splendor. These gifts of nature always compliment any residence or commercial structure.


Inspiration Is A Place

Wight’s Home & Garden
5026 196th Street SW
Lynnwood, WA 98036

Inspiration is a place… a tranquil escape from the hectic world that can be achieved in your own back yard. A beautiful, botanical-themed living space with an open, airy, window view to an elegant northwest landscape. A perfect place for a secluded hideaway for two, as well as a glamorous space for entertaining.


Photos courtesy of Michael Walmsley