Northwest Flower & Garden Show

2008 Photo Album

Photos courtesy of Michael Walmsley

Winter in Waiting

Adam Gorski Landscapes, Inc.
(425) 766-8605
Designers: Adam & Tiffany Gorski

It’s springtime near White Pass and ski season is over. Snowmobiles and skis have unwillingly been stored to make place for the new gear of the upcoming season. Outdoor activities have commenced with rock climbing and mountain biking along the trail south of the Tieton River. Planting and cultivating is hurriedly in progress to optimize growth during the short summer months. Our newest joy is to tackle the impossible garden. It’s surrounded by the vast wilderness, hard ground and acidic soil. The only things that seem to grow are weeds. Maybe this summer, our tomatoes will ripen and a new creation will be born.


Sippy-cups to Wine Stems – Harmonious Family Living for Small Gardens

Eden Landscape Design
(360) 791-7119

Outdoors By Design

West Coast Building Stone

Designer: Tomisha Payment

A contemporary urban garden that acts as both an inspirational entertaining space and an imagination-igniting playground, proving that parents and children can live harmoniously in a small garden without sacrificing style. Multicultural influences in planting and accessories evoke epic travels and create an eclectic, striking outdoor extension of living space in the small city lot. Water, pebbles and sand provide amusement to occupy the children while comfortable furniture invites leisurely meals and engaging conversation for the whole family.


A Natural Retreat

Elandan Gardens, Ltd.
3050 W State Hwy 16
Bremerton, WA 98312
(360) 373-8260

Designer: Dan Robinson

Retreating from the world can take you to faraway places. We’ve created an untamed place on a beach. Here, the grounds look completely natural, but the landscape is the work of an artist. The camp is woven together by extraordinary pines, windswept hemlocks and ancient sculptured wood. Each plant is chosen for its wild and outlandish presence. We are celebrating earth, wind and fire, anchored by water. Technology is far away when you are in the safety of the ceremonial tepee. The stone fire pit and artful elements create a home away from home.


The Heart of Our Elements

Elements of Nature
(206) 229-1136

Designer: Roy Mangle

This display garden is a combination of fire, water, stone and plants. A winter garden integrates a brilliant heart of fire and energy with restoring hot springs, flowing calmly down a basalt waterfall. Guests are greeted with fallen column-like basalt steps, waterfalls and benches, entwined with towering basalt columns formed from jutting lava flows thousands of years ago. Represented is a combination of man’s architectural influence with a towering wooden shelter growing out of bordering column remnants. A polished basalt table separating the fallen column benches is one more example of our appreciation and inspired use of our Earth’s treasures.



Amy Tullis
[email protected]







From an Ordinary Pile of Rocks…

Exteriorscapes, LLC

Borrowed Ground

Designers: Cameron Scott & Russ Beardsley

Our garden is focused on the craft of traditional dry stone masonry, its timelessness, its beauty and environmental benefits. The focal point is the inuksuk, an Inuit symbol, signifying friendship and the need to work together…We want to inspire and educate the public on the beauty, sustainability and durability of properly and passionately installed stonework. It is a craft that has not only built our past, but created cultures and friendships for the future. It is inherent in human culture to use stone to create our built environment; the garden is no exception. We are including a rain garden to demonstrate a sustainable drainage technique and realistic garden planting including native, ornamental and edible plantings.


Dreams Really Can Come True

Falling Water Designs
(206) 323-2873
[email protected]

Designer: Rick Perry

I dream of walking through the woods and coming upon a sun-dappled glade in which the remains of an ancient garden reside. Within the garden are a large pond, a sunken fire pit, and a gathering space. Rain falls softly. I start a fire to warm myself, imagining what ancient people might have enjoyed in this magical place. As I awake from my slumber rested and recharged I realize dreams really can come true.




Arabesque – Gardening on the Curve

Fancy Fronds
PO Box 1090
Gold Bar, WA 98251

ALBE Adventuresome Twig Hunters
(360) 222-3090

Designers: Judith Jones & Vanca Lumsden

Art Deco was an eclectic movement of elegant modernism that encompassed art, architecture and natural science. Primitive African, ancient Egyptian and Aztec art were fused with the streamlined technology of the early 20th century machine age. Our Erte-inspired garden setting integrates fluid architectural lines and a selective color pallet to create a stylized setting for entertaining. Gracious spaces entice guests to linger and savor the ambiance.


Garden Getaway

Garden Dreams Design
Tami Ott-Ostberg

Outdoor Living Environments
Ian Wilson
(425) 890-0520

Designer: Tami Ott-Ostberg

There comes a time when we all want a little “getaway.” Travel no further than your own garden and awaken your senses with the fusion of organic materials, comfortable interiors, artistic elements and greatly textured plant specimens. Step into the slat house structure with tall wooden beams loosely enclosing a sitting area with views of the surrounding garden. Nestled partially in the floor is a tranquil pool of water creating a seamless transition between the spaces. Simple yet smart is the trio arrangement of boulders for guests to sit on, kids to hop over, or merely a reflection of natural architectural statement. Sit and enjoy your “getaway.”


Water Finds a Home

Hadj Design
Biophilic Design Services, Landscapes,
Living Roofs, Living Walls

The garden illustrates the uniting of architecture and the natural environment. Walls and roofs become fully planted. The aesthetic is derived from the demands of the plants in this environment. In order to illustrate its elements, the garden is designed as a visual puzzle. It is intended to represent two simultaneous views of the same setting. One is a view from ground level of the walls and landscape. The other is a view from the second story window, looking down on the green roof and landscape below. The landscape, a chain of rain gardens, is intended to link these two perspectives. Rain moves through this environment and is held, embraced, by each element. Hardscape is used as a visual cue.


Tranquility in the Wilderness

Kinssies Landscaping
P.O. Box 2134
Woodinville, WA 98072

Designer: John Kinssies

Combining nature’s balance of elements are specimen, ornamental and native plantings found in a high mountain alpine setting. Their use maximizes conservation and minimizes overgrowth and maintenance. A spectacular waterfall creates a symphony of sight and sound as water wears down even the toughest stone. A weathered maple stands as a sentinel against time and the elements, inviting visitors to experience the natural beauty and tranquility of the wilderness.


Tequila Sunrise

Le Jardin Landscape Design
Karen Stefonick – Principal/Designer
(206) 412-5990

B. Bissell General Contractors, LLC
Brent Bissell – Landscape Installation
(425) 770-0789

Layers of texture including gravel, stone, stucco and ‘dramatistas’ from the plant world give this garden visual interest without disturbing the serenity. Simple plantings, a linear structure and water feature create an nontraditional contemporary look. Infusions of color suggesting a warmer climate with whispers of soft bluish grey create a frame for the angular patterns of the hardscape. From day to night, outdoor lighting, like luminarias glowing on a summer evening, creates a subtle yet dazzling mood. This garden engages far more than your eyes; it reflects a passion for the mystique of drama. Relax and wait for the Sunrise.


Weekend Adventure…

New Leaf Creations, Inc.
Issaquah, WA

Designer: Steve Haizlip

The story begins with a weekend camping excursion to the ideal spot…nestled deep in the forest of the Pacific Northwest. As Sunday morning slowly creeps toward afternoon, the dread of returning to the hectic and chaotic city life sets in. So the weekend adventurer decides to extend the weekend indefinitely…and creates a space for endless adventure, surrounded by the basic comforts of home and the timeless beauty of nature. Personal touches evolve as a patio emerges from the materials at hand and the temporary perfect spot starts to feel more permanent.


Eat Your Vegetables! – Garden to Table

Northwest Horticultural Society

The “local food” idea has experienced an explosion of awareness all over America. Because it is the mission of the Northwest Horticultural Society to educate gardeners, the goal for the display is to show that edible plants are easy to grow, can be beautifully combined with ornamentals, and with simple preparations, are ready to go from garden to table. This exhibit will showcase three choices in styles of edible gardens: the patio/deck kitchen garden, a contemporary container garden suitable for condo and apartment dwellers, and a formal French potager. Additionally, NHS will provide demonstrations of organic cooking, seed starting, container gardening, and more at various times throughout each day of the show.


Living with Weeds

NW Majestic Landscape & Living
Designer: John Faccone
(206) 261-0594

With birds and bees and boys in trees, our garden is ready for all that it sees. Adults can visit; have time to chitchat. No fuss in this garden made of this and that. Time is no issue; the garden has little to need. But you won’t believe how the soul, it does feed. The garden, it’s changing most everyday. Be it flowers, trees or weeds, all of it can stay.


Masked Perfection – Are Orchids the Perfect Mask?

NW Orchid Society

Mariposa Indigenous Art
970 Terrace Drive
Friday Harbor, WA 98250
(360) 378-9425

What do orchids and Borucan masks have in common? Orchids demonstrate nature’s skill at creating masks. Hand carved Borucan masks inspire the awe we feel when examining an orchid. Both are things of beauty. Both function to sustain the existence of its species in an exotic and seductive manner. Artists from the remote village of Boruca, Costa Rica reveal the process of traditional mask making. Watch the artists carve and paint the masks within the canopy of orchids arranged by the Northwest Orchid Society. Mariposa Indigenous Art is a member of the Fair Trade Federation and works with the Borucan artists to find a sustainable market for their traditional crafts.



Pacific Stone Company Inc.
3826 Rucker Ave.
Everett, WA 98201
(425) 258-1911

Designers: Timothy Gray & Lloyd Glasscock

Our garden presents a celebration of summer’s end and the rise of the Harvest Moon. Enjoy the changing seasons in the garden with family and friends. Give honor to and continue traditions often missing in today’s modern world. This is a place for practical living, actively used to grow food and herbs, to garden in daily, and to relax and entertain the people in our lives. Come together to harvest the bounty of summer. Crush the grapes. Crush the apples. Press the fruit. Crush loved ones in an embrace. Raise a toast to family! To tradition! To the crush!


A Spring Day

Pamela Richards Garden Design
(206) 781-2314
[email protected]

Lakeview Stone & Garden
Seattle, WA

Designer: Pamela Richards

A Spring Day-the first one warm enough to dine in the garden amid green as fresh as a new idea. The first warm enough to drive with the windows down, to read and perhaps nap among scented daffodils, to air out a red dress hung inside a dark closet all winter. The first warm enough to celebrate the burst of flowers, the promise of buds, the delight of glowing stems in the midst of burgeoning grasses. A spring day, innocent and promising; a day to enjoy and a day to anticipate the changes, the rewards and the beauty of the garden.


Recycle, Reuse, Renew

Susan Calhoun
Bainbridge Island, WA







Infinity in Your Hand

Puget Sound Bonsai Association

Designer: Jamie Wright NCARB

The title, with apologies to William Blake, is suggesting a search in nature for eternal beauty. The simplicity found in a leaf or a grain of sand. Bonsai is simply sculpture, with the qualities of timelessness.



A Backyard Farm – Urban Agriculture in the Northwest

Seattle Urban Farm Company
(206) 816-9740

Designers: Colin McCrate & Brad Halm

With a vegetable garden, mini-orchard and chicken coop, “A Backyard Farm” is an illustration of how a Seattle resident might bring the concept of urban agriculture to their own backyard. The open kitchen situated next to the garden emphasizes the connection of the landscape to the dinner table. The inclusion of traditionally rural elements in an urban setting can help create a garden space that is as functional as it is beautiful.


Up On the Roof

Serene Scape, Inc.
P O Box 50408
Bellevue, WA 98015
(425) 747-6463

Designer: Michael Hancock

Rise above the hustle and bustle of urban living. Escape to a rooftop sanctuary where a romantic journey awaits you. Inspirational pathways lead you through living gardens. Layers of pots and planters provide an intimate setting that stirs up interest. Fragrant bouquets of beautiful colors and textures invite you to reflect on their beauty. Pause among the trees and listen to the birds nesting in their branches. Relax near the cozy fire or unwind beside living waters. The elements of life provide a journey…the destination is heavenly!


Outdoor Haven – Kick Off Your Shoes

Under The Arbor Landscape Design
Kristy Ditmore
Edmonds, WA 98026
[email protected]

Complete Landscape, Inc.
Steve Spear
Everett, WA 98205
(425) 328-0363

Designer: Kristy Ditmore

Peek through the gate and you will see that your favorite room of the house is no longer in the house. Take it outside, kick off your shoes and relax. Forget all of your daily stresses and enjoy life in your own haven filled with the sights and sounds of nature. The calming lull of water, a visual tapestry of plants with jewel-like colors and pleasing textures create a tranquil vignette all year. A structure creates the illusion of a ceiling, but allows rays of sunlight to pierce through and awaken your senses. Gather friends and a glass of wine. Curl up in a chair and enjoy!


The Pacific Rim

Washington Park Arboretum
2300 Arboretum Drive East
Seattle, WA 98112,
(206) 325-4510

University of Washington Botanic Gardens

City of Seattle Parks and Recreation

The Portico Group

Designer: Katherine Day, Portico Group

Celebrating the horticultural connections among five temperate Pacific Rim regions – Cascadia, Chile, New Zealand, Australia and China – this display instills an awareness of the origins of gardeners’ favorite plants. Five eco-geographic plantings are juxtaposed around a blue Pacific map where carved columns mark the regions represented in the plantings. Iconic native trees, shrubs and perennials are showcased in each planting and carved on the columns. Their contrasting textures, leafy shapes and wide range of colors highlight the differences between the regional floras while drawing attention to the diversity of plants that can flourish in our climate.


Sommarstuga: Summer Living, Simply and Sustainably

Washington State Nursery & Landscape Association

Partnership for Water Conservation

4D Architects

Designers: Janine Anderson & Terry LeLievre
Anderson-LeLievre Landscape Design

“Sommarstuga” is the Swedish term for a summer cottage. Similar to the Northwest, Sweden has short summers and long summer days. Swedes often spend their summers in simple, airy cottages with few of the amenities typical of a Western lifestyle. Though such a retreat might sit on an island in the Stockholm archipelago, it could just as easily straddle rocks on a Northwest promontory. Screened by a backdrop of trees, the birding enthusiasts in our cottage savor summer-and the sun-amid clusters of largely low-water-use plants, helping the plants-and the planet-by providing healthy soil and deep, slowly delivered irrigation. Wherever it sits, a sommarstuga is an icon of summer living.


Urban Oasis

Wight’s Home & Garden
5026 196th St SW
Lynnwood, WA 98036
Phone: (425) 775-3636




Photos courtesy of Michael Walmsley