Northwest Flower & Garden Show

2007 Photo Album

Photos courtesy of Michael Walmsley

The Green Garage®

Gardeners routinely face opportunities to make environmentally conscious decisions. The Green Garage aims to help gardeners recognize and take advantage of these opportunities by showcasing tools, materials, equipment, and techniques that support sustainable gardening. A suburban backyard garage outfitted with earth-friendly tools, materials and resources serves as the centerpiece of this inviting and practical garden space. The plant palette of the garden focuses on selections that provide seasonal interest, are low maintenance, and are well suited to their locations. Ten Green Garage Tips highlighted in the garden encourage gardeners to take a leading role as stewards of the earth.

Designer and Creator:
American Horticultural Society
7931 East Boulevard Drive
Alexandria, Virginia 22308
[email protected]


Renewal In The Ruins

We wish to inspire viewers to take the garden experience beyond its traditional boundaries and provide them with a journey to another time and place. This composition mimics ancient geometric form, with its fluted aged columns and distressed architecture and art, intended to be a soulful reminder of the triumph of time. Perhaps this is a well guarded secret space within a larger, more conventional setting created solely to amaze and delight those who enter. Visitors are encouraged to celebrate, explore new ideology, and be active participants in the ancient sensory tradition of musical and dramatic expression.

Nancy Claire Guth
Susan Lee Stroh

Creators: (nancy)
Artistic Garden Concepts
10216 SE 256th PMB 502
Kent, WA 98030

Killarney Cove Garden Designs (susan)
PO Box 86
Milton, WA 98354



“Paradise” comes from the Persian word for “walled garden.” The beauty suggested by the word Paradise was created in the ebbing and flowing of culture across Central Asia and exemplified in their jeweled gardens. Inspired by S.T. Coleridge’s dreamscape poem “Kublai Khan”, we too create a sanctuary for contemplating beauty, for love, and for reverie. Tall hardy palms provide protection and encouragement. Fragrant citrus stimulates the senses. Lilies and jasmine arouse our passion. Flowing water nourishes. Flickering images projected onto silk walls suggest ancient, shared memories. Costumed actors live within the garden, making art, poetry, and dreaming…

Christopher Jacobs

Aw Pottery
19331 21st Ave W
Lynnwood, WA 98036
425-712-8816 ext: 25
[email protected]


Panda Paradise

A glimpse into this representational habitat of the giant panda transports our senses to majestic bamboo forests of Chengdu, China. The hillside rock fall with pine tree logs offers a cozy grotto near nature’s food and water sources. The adorable giant panda often eats over 200 pounds of fresh bamboo every day, so a thriving bamboo forest is critical to its survival. Spring brings emerging bamboo shoots for a tasty treat, along with seasonal iris and crocus. Interest in the giant panda’s habitat encourages us to be more attentive to the crucial role of habitat for all wildlife.

Julian Gray-Florance

Bamboo Gardens of Washington
5035 196th Ave NE
Redmond, WA 98074
[email protected]


Marvelous Night for a Moondance

Pick your passion and build a garden around it. Whatever the space becomes it surrounds the owner with things they love, be it a pastime or a collection. In this garden, a passion for the elegant art of dance becomes a dance floor in the garden surrounded by plants that capture the light of the moon….just in case the urge to tango at midnight strikes. The foliage, flowers and branching habits of plants play in the brightness of the moon with a palette of light and dark to capture natural illumination and create silhouettes.

Sue Goetz

Creative Gardener
P O Box 2404
Gig Harbor, WA 98335
[email protected]

Father Nature Landscapes


The Garden As Gallery: Two Rooms

The placement of garden ornament is a practice as old as garden-making itself. From east to west, from Ryoanji’s simple sand and stones to Seattle’s new Olympic Sculpture Park, gardeners have long juxtaposed the organic with the inorganic. The Convention Center floor becomes a plaza in our “public” space, abutting a two-tiered garden anchored with bold sculptures of stone and bronze, and embellished with a global plant palette. In the “private” space of our contemporary cottage garden, a steel pergola provides a canopy for an elegant stone patio. Inspired sculpture and exuberant plantings balance a trickling water feature hewn from basalt.

Greg Butler

Design of the Times
[email protected]

Seattle Solstice
[email protected]

Iron Idiom
[email protected]


Never Far From Nature

The good life is never far from nature. The inside of this Northwest home merges with the outside garden. Imagine taking a shower in this “jungle”, feeling the warm rain emerging from the sculptured basalt column. Even the bathroom sink seems to float on a stone sculpture. In the garden, water cascades into the granite cobblestone pond. Mountain hemlocks sculptured by nature and an exquisite pine grown from seed by the owner are sentinels of this garden’s timeless nature. The artistry and the elements create a peaceful “room with a view” from inside or out.

Shanna Neims
Dan Robinson
Will Robinson

Elandan Gardens, Ltd
3050 W State Hwy 16
Bremerton, WA 98312

Elandan Interiors
Bremerton, WA

City Builders
Lynnwood, WA


Inside Out – Seamless Living In a Tropical Getaway

In an increasingly complex web of family and career we find it important to find balance. Experience this livable garden where family and friends feel comfortable and fulfilled. Environmentally friendly elements such as recycled materials, synthetic turf, reusable pre-engineered concrete blocks and alternative fuel vehicles remind us of our need to respect and preserve the environment. Visit with the designer and see his “works in progress.” This Northwest tropical garden leaves nothing wanting! Calming waters, intriguing art, lush palm trees and colorful plantings, romantic sunsets and glowing fire reach every corner of your soul. Visit and enjoy.

Designer: Michael Hancock

Escape LLC
P O Box 50408
Bellevue, WA 98015


Yabba Dabba Do: A Modern Interpretation of a Prehistoric Garden

Welcome to a garden created by your great, great, great…great grand parents. Our contemporary garden replicates what we imagine an outdoor living space might have been like in prehistoric times. Stone furniture, a fire pit, and a large water feature surround you in this garden. Step back in time and connect with your primal self.

Rick Perry

Falling Water Designs
[email protected]


Beast in the Garden: Marginal Madness

Weave a fiesta flair through your al fresco habitat. The steel-blue Pacific Northwest sky is an ideal partner for teaming up with sizzling sunset hues, modulated by sultry twilight tones, and punctuated with a zesty dash of olive and lime. Opulent hot-blooded tropicals tango with vivacious border line exotics while cold-resilient ornamentals provide an enduring vitality in this resplendent setting. This intoxicating jungle is animated with a beguiling menagerie of artfully crafted Oaxacan inspired sculptures. Set your garden rhythm for a rhumba through the plantation or kick your heels up into siesta position and enjoy. Ole!

Designers: Judith Jones/Vanca Lumsden

Fancy Fronds
P O Box 1090
Gold Bar, WA 98251

ALBE Adventuresome Twig Hunters


His and Hers

This garden accentuates masculine and feminine qualities. At first glance, it may appear to be a taming of the wild, coming from the forest into an entertaining space. Actually, the separate areas reflect the style of each gender. This garden is created with Northwest natives and hardy foliage complemented by colorful perennials and annuals. Where the two areas meet, there is a waterfall and pond overlooked by a resting spot where the gardeners can sit together on the bench created with wood and copper.

Designer: Susan Browne

Issaquah Landscaping
[email protected]




Mojito – Don’t go away, GET AWAY!

Life exotic, lavish entertainment, complex flavors, romance and a spice for life. This is no mirage – it is your garden space, your ultimate outdoor place. Bold and romantic, a wood canopy, sleek furniture and cushy chairs. A fusion of hardy palms and Northwest plants create a lush tapestry. The soft sound of water and a warm breeze, and perhaps a view in the distance. Worthy of a postcard vista, this garden pulls you in and you relive those vacations that left footprints on your soul. A regular date with the sunset, and mojitos for two. The seduction is complete.

Designer: Karen Stefonick

Le Jardin Home, Garden and Ranch Design
6753 22nd Avenue NW
Seattle, WA 98117

B. Bissell General Contractors, LLC
7111 130th St. SE
Snohomish, WA 98296


Timeless Grace and Beauty

Have you ever stopped to talk to a stone?

What would it say? What has it seen?

These silent sentinels of time help anchor our gardens. They are quintessential naturalism.

A tree has a beginning, middle and an end, a stone is more eternal. Take time and stop, and listen to a stone.

Bill Hyde

Marenakos Rock Center
30250 SE High Point Wy
Preston, WA 98027


Summer Time Memories

You stumble upon a youthful hideaway on a warm, lazy summer afternoon. The ingenuity of the kids who created this magical place in the forest near their neighborhood is apparent from the redirected waterways crisscrossed with footpaths to the central gathering space where group decisions are made – this is a home away from home for the neighborhood friends. The tree fort tucked deep into the forest offers a chance for kids to escape and let their imaginations run wild. The energy devoted to developing this forest hideaway is evident – many weekends and afternoons spent here crafting new ideas for the natural playground.

Steve Haizlip

New Leaf Creations
1760 Newport Way NW
Issaquah, WA 98027


Holistic Retreat

Soothe your weary mind, body and soul and recuperate from your day in this holistic garden. A welcome shelter from the stress and distractions of modern urban life, this private sanctuary embodies key elements to bring you vitality, serenity and restoration. Warm water will envelop you. Cool, smooth stones will massage your feet. The sight and smell of flora will fill up your senses, soothing you with nature’s organic healing powers. Through its design and materials, this holistic garden embodies not only renewal and romance, but the concept of living light upon the land. It incorporates recycled elements, a diversity of plant life with natives, ethnobotanical and medicinal plants and herbs. Rest, relax, rejuvenate and bloom into a flourishing state of mind and health.

Jessica Bloom

NW Bloom ~ EcoLogical Landscapes
Mill Creek, WA


A Garden Sports Bar

Is your man a sports fanatic? Why not create an outdoor living room tailored to his insatiable need of sport, while preserving your sense of in-home harmony. An “American Pastime” inspired gate extends to a wonderful garden room alive with sport. The paver patio encourages recreation and yet maintains a relaxing entertainment space for family and friends. The outdoor kitchen allows your “Grillmaster” to serve up their favorite food and drinks for the Big Game. A unique fountain brings the water hazard into play. The garden is adorned with memories of the past and treasures of the future. Bold and striking plants capture the essence of life. LONG LIVE SPORT!

Designers: Ian Wilson and Mike Jergeson

Outdoor Living Environments
P O Box 2044
Snoqualmie, WA 98065


Who Has Seen With Vision

“I have a room, my favorite room, where my passions for film and gardening converge. Overhead a strip of fabric suggests shelter, below scattered flowers decorate a stone floor. Within, fire and pillow-strewn seating and buckets of popcorn invite one to view a movie surrounded by the scent and whisper and delight of a garden. In my room a bud flowers and petals drift–amid green in the garden, black and white on film, altered by the glass of an aged mirror. My room, my garden room, offers vision.” Phoebe, filmmaker and gardener.

Designer: Pamela Richards

Pamela Richards Garden Design
811 N 130th St #304
Seattle, WA 98133
[email protected]

Lakeview Stone & Garden
Seattle, WA


Honoring Our Roots: Landscape and Art

The garden is intended to be an edge, a small intimate, contemplative space – a comfortable, simple retreat that combines familiar landscape material with dramatic works of art. Time, form, character, scale, texture, color; each distinguishing quality combined in a moment. Ethnic origins and culture are important to Bonsai. Choosing to meld East and West suggest that one way for life in the Northwest to come together is through gardening, and Bonsai as the high art.

Designer: Jaimie Wright NCARB

Puget Sound Bonsai Association



Outdoor Office Escape: Beyond the Cubicle

Telecommuters can work virtually anywhere with all of the “wireless” options available. Escape the confines of four walls. Creating a tranquil office space in your personal garden will lower your stress level and increase your productivity! The Pacific Northwest is conducive to working outside much of the year. You can protect yourself from “Seattle Sunshine” with a covered arbor. Include screens to reduce glare from the occasional sun break and install a heater to take the edge off of those cooler days. Relax to the sound of bubbling water, and enjoy the sounds and beauty of nature while working in your own private haven.

Kristy Ditmore/ Krista Anthony

Under The Arbor Landscape Design
Kristy Ditmore
Edmonds, WA 98026
[email protected]

Sage Green Design
Krista Anthony
Snohomish, WA
[email protected]


Whose Living Room?

Using a weedy, weathered façade entrance to restored architecture and respite, an avid gardener/historic preservationist has placed sculpture to gain color in the off-season. Throughout the year he uses plants as food, medicine and visual interest. Old field succession, nature’s most powerful force, is celebrated. Dandelions and its wine recall how close a weed is to a widely accepted industry. Purslane is included for its Omega-3 fatty acid, one of the highest in leafy vegetables. A beehive houses pollinators/food producers making use of nearby plants including clover. All is presented as a Valentine, a living room for all of us.

Warren Klink

Urban Thickets Landscapes
2727 104th Ave SE
Veaux Arts Village, WA 98004
[email protected]


Front Porch Friendly

From the soft, winding path leading to the front porch, to the casual setting of chair on the lawn, the garden reminds us how an inviting entry garden not only beautifies the streets of our neighborhoods, but also keeps those neighbors connected. The choice of fragrant plants, the stunning bark of selected trees, the whimsy of rain chains and a birdbath, are visible for the neighborhood’s pleasure as much as the homeowner’s. A combination of plants blending color and texture provide year-round interest and inspire others to create their own oasis. From the front porch, conversations naturally begin, friendships casually form, neighborhoods forge lasting communities.

Octavia Chambliss

Washington Park Arboretum
Sarah Luczyk, Volunteer Coordinator
2300 Arboretum Drive East
Seattle, WA 98112
[email protected]

Octavia Chambliss Garden Design
[email protected]


Suburban Swank With A Twist

In 1937, three landscape architecture students were kicked out of Harvard for rejecting the formalism of Beaux Arts. The trio pioneered designs that fused indoor and outdoor spaces and encouraged alfresco entertaining. By the 1950’s, no suburban backyard was without its requisite patio. Our garden celebrates this legacy and adds a contemporary twist. A swank patio bar stocked with garnishes from the garden, citrus bright colors and 21st Century materials: a refreshing blend of retro and mod.

Colleen Miko
Colleen’s, A Landscape Design Company
(253) 857 2576
[email protected]

Phyllis Warman
Phyllis Warman Landscape Design, LLC
(425) 827-8507
[email protected]

WSNLA Washington State Nursery and Landscape Association
Jeanne McNeil, Executive Director


Journey To Zen Living

Combining the elements of earth and the ancient art of ‘Shakkei’, this Asian influenced garden creates a magical illusion, provides for personal contemplation and promotes a sense of tranquility, allowing you to be at one with nature. The gateway beckons you in as the elevated boardwalk makes its way through the garden, over water and past a traditional tea house. Ornamentation comes through structure, foliage and texture with an emphasis on individual focal points rather than strictly color and bloom. Each turn of the path is meant to sooth and keep your mind on the spiritual journey to a Zen life.

Designer: Mr. Kim Fowler

Wells Nursery
1201 Blodgett Rd
Mount Vernon, WA 98274
[email protected]

Mr. Kim Fowler
A-lluminating Waterfalls and Exotic Gardens
15724 Mountain View Rd
Mount Vernon, WA 98274
[email protected]

Photos courtesy of Michael Walmsley