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Darcy Daniels

Designer and owner, Bloomtown Gardens and founder, eGardenGo

Darcy Daniels is the founder and creative force behind eGardenGo™, a web app that helps gardeners decide what to plant with what. Passionate about helping gardeners connect with their most creative selves, she draws upon her experience as a garden designer and unabashed love of plants and horticulture. She has been designing gardens with Bloomtown™ Gardens for over 16 years and is well known for her rich, textual plantings and creative use of small spaces. Her gardens have been featured in many publications, including Sunset, Fine Gardening, Better Homes and Gardens, Pacific Horticulture, Garden Design online, and more. She is a member of ANLD, GWA, and a longtime member and past board member of HPSO.

The Building Blocks of Successful Planting Design

There are many so variables to consider in making a garden; the choices can seem overwhelming. But the job is simplified if you use basic ‘building blocks’ of good design: the cultural needs of the plants, the assigned jobs for the plants, and so on. Asking the right questions in the right order can narrow your choices. In this seminar, packed with examples and gorgeous photos, you’ll learn a simple hierarchy to guide your garden-making, leaving you inspired and energized.

Saturday, Feb 25 at 10:00 am / Hood Room

Honing In on the Best Plants for Your Garden

The universe of plants is vast: so many plants, so little space! The reality is, each garden situation is pretty specific, and only some plants will thrive with the light, water, and space available. Plants also need to do a job—provide shade, or screen an unsightly view. It’s a process of elimination: many options at first, but later, very few. Discover simple ways you can narrow the plant list to find plants that not only thrive in your garden, but will make you happy every day!

Sunday, Feb 26 at 11:15 am / Hood Room