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Turn your dreams into reality with our FREE seminars and demonstrations. It’s all included in your ticket price, so drop in and discover something new!

Our speakers will share hundreds of fresh new ideas to help you create a garden that fits your lifestyle and gardening needs. With over 80 book signings, you can even take their sage advice home with you.

All 3 seminar rooms are located in the Conference Center. Click here for a map.

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Speaker Handouts

Speaker handouts for the 2015 Northwest Flower & Garden Show Seminar Series will be posted the evening of the seminar (after 9pm). If you miss one of our great seminars, and the speaker provides handout, you’ll be able to click on the title of the seminar to download the handout.

Only seminar titles highlighted in blue have a handout available for download. If you do not see a seminar title in blue, it means that speaker didn’t have a handout at the show. All handouts are Adobe Acrobat files.


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  • = Small Space Gardening
  • = Edible Gardening
  • = Good for Beginners
Thursday, February 6th

Rainier Room

(60 minutes except where noted)

10:00 am

Vancouver’s Flowering Cherries: Horticultural, Heritage, & History

  • Douglas Justice — 2014 Show Judge & Associate Director, UBC Botanical Garden

11:30 am
Gardening 101: Misery Loves Company

Oh the Plants I Have Killed!

True Confessions of an 'Expert' Gardener

My Biggest Bloopers Ever!

1:30 pm

Home Outside: Creating Landscapes You Love

  • Julie Moir Messervy — 2014 Show Judge, Landscape designer & author, “Landscaping Ideas That Work”

3:00 pm

Multiplication by Division: It All Adds Up with Design Solutions

  • Lucy Hardiman — Garden designer, writer and author, “Intimate Gardens”

4:30 pm

A Garden in Partnership with Nature: Creating a Botanical Oasis

  • John J. Albers — Author, “Gardening for Sustainability”

  • David Perry — Photographer, “Gardening for Sustainability”

5:45 pm

Plant Crack for Plant Junkies: New & Unusual Plants from Around the Globe

7:15 pm

Winners for Every Garden: Dependable Flowers, Foliage & Fragrance

Hood Room

(45 minutes except where noted)

9:30 am

Wonderful Wigglers: Getting Started on Vermicomposting

10:45 am

Sassy or Classy?: Designing Containers to Suit Your Style

  • Karen Chapman — Designer, Le Jardinet & co-author, “Fine Foliage”

12:00 pm

From Sustainability to Stewardship: New Insights from Old English Gardens

  • Nan Sterman — Gardening expert, TV host & author, “CA Gardener’s Guide, Vol. II”>

1:15 pm (60)

Go Wild!: Attracting Birds, Butterflies & Backyard Wildlife

  • David Mizejewski — Media personality & naturalist with National Wildlife Federation>

2:45 pm (60)

Backyard Makeover: Finding My Rightful Place in the Landscape—Stylishly!

  • Lorene Edwards Forkner — Editor, Pacific Horticulture & author, “Timber Press Guide to Vegetable Gardening”

4:15 pm

Side Yard Solutions: Gain Style & Function for Neglected Side Yards

  • Rebecca Sweet — Author, “Refresh Your Garden Design” & owner, Harmony in the Garden

5:30 pm (60)

Liquid Dreams: Unique Ideas for Adding Sparkle to Your Garden

  • Jan Johnsen — Landscape designer, blogger & author, “Heaven is a Garden”

7:00 pm

Trees: The Good, the Bad & the Scary: Tree Risk Assessment & Storm Preparation

  • Dennis Tompkins — Arborist, Master Gardener & Tree Risk Assessor, The Evergreen Arborist

DIY Stage

(60 minutes except where noted)

9:30 am

Pruning Japanese Maples: An Arborists Expert Techniques for Beautiful Maples

11:15 am

Bowled Over with Succulents: Creating Simply Succulent Dish Gardens

  • Robin Stockwell — Owner, Succulent Gardens the Growing Grounds, California

1:00 pm
Garden to Table Cooking Series

Canning the Harvest for Peak Flavor: Tips & Tricks for Successful Canning

  • Theresa Loe — Co-Executive Producer, ‘Growing A Greener World TV’ and blogger, ‘’

2:45 pm
Garden to Table Cooking Series

The Botanical Bar: Create Your Own Boozy Botanical Bliss

4:15 pm

Quick Change Artist: The Art of the Cachepot

6:00 pm

Get Creative with Conifers: Discover New Color, Shape & Form