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Turn your dreams into reality with our FREE seminars and demonstrations. It’s all included in your ticket price, so drop in and discover something new!

Our speakers will share hundreds of fresh new ideas to help you create a garden that fits your lifestyle and gardening needs. With over 80 book signings, you can even take their sage advice home with you.

All 3 seminar rooms are located in the Conference Center. Click here for a map.

Speaker Biographies

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Speaker Handouts

Speaker handouts for the 2015 Northwest Flower & Garden Show Seminar Series will be posted the evening of the seminar (after 9pm). If you miss one of our great seminars, and the speaker provides handout, you’ll be able to click on the title of the seminar to download the handout.

Only seminar titles highlighted in blue have a handout available for download. If you do not see a seminar title in blue, it means that speaker didn’t have a handout at the show. All handouts are Adobe Acrobat files.


  • = Book Signing
Saturday, February 14th

Rainier Room

(45 minutes except where noted)

10:30 am

Express Yourself: Cultivating Garden Style

  • Rochelle Greayer — Author, Cultivating Garden Style and founder/editor of Pith + Vigor

11:45 am

Discovering the Truth: Adventures Testing Garden Products and Practices

  • Jeff Gillman — Author, The Truth about Garden Remedies and The Truth About Organic Gardening

1:00 pm (90)
GARDENING 101: Country Animals and City Gardens

Bring Beneficial Bees into Your Backyard

Basic Goat Keeping for Urban and Suburban Homes

What the Cluck? Getting Started on Keeping Chickens

3:15 pm

The Know Maintenance Perennial Garden

  • Roy Diblik — Author, The Know Maintenance Perennial Garden and owner, Northwind Perennial Farm

4:30 pm

Separate Beds: How to Maintain a Beautiful Garden Along with Your Marriage

5:45 pm

Gourmet Gardening: Transform Everyday Edibles into Gourmet Treats

  • Andrea Bellamy — Author of Small Space Vegetable Gardens and blogger

7:00 pm

A Living Heart Through Succulent Art

  • Robin Stockwell — Founder & former owner, Succulent Gardens, California

Hood Room

(45 minutes except where noted)

10:00 am

Frugal is Fabulous: Clever Ways to Save Money in the Garden

11:15 am

Peaceful Ways to Handle Wildlife Challenges

  • Tammi Hartung — Co-owner, Desert Canyon Farm and author, The Wildlife-Friendly Vegetable Gardener

12:30 pm

Mow No More: Beautiful No-Mow Yards

  • Evelyn J. Hadden — Author, Beautiful No-Mow Yards and blogger

1:45 pm

Splashy or Serene? Designing with Foliage Colors Tailor-made for your Garden Style

  • Christina Salwitz — Co-author, “Fine Foliage” & designer, The Personal Garden Coach

3:00 pm

Attracting Beneficial Bugs to Your Garden

  • Jessica Walliser — Radio host and author, Attracting Beneficial Bugs to Your Garden

4:15 pm

Myths, Lies, and All The Latest Dirt

  • C.L. Fornari — Garden writer and author, Coffee for Roses

5:30 pm

Plants With Benefits: An Uninhibited Guide to Aphrodisiac Plants

  • Helen Yoest — Author, Plants with Benefits and Gardening With Confidence

6:45 pm

The Holy Grail: How to Grow Great Tomatoes from Seed to Harvest

  • Craig LeHoullier — Author, Epic Tomatoes and tomato advisor for The Seed Savers Exchange

DIY Stage

(60 minutes except where noted)

10:00 am

Romantic Seasonal Floral Arrangements for Any Occasion

11:45 am

Show and Smell: How to Grow Your Own Herb Spa

  • Sue Goetz — Designer and owner, Creative Gardener and author, The Herb Lovers Spa

1:30 pm

Beauty from Glass: Making 3D Mosaic Art

  • Mark Brody — Artist, art teacher and author, Garden Mosaic Projects

3:15 pm

Pruning Garden Roses

  • Paul blogger, rosarian and author, Everyday Roses

5:00 pm

Germinating a Great Garden: Seed Starting 101

  • Charlie Nardozzi — Radio and TV host and author, Urban Gardening for Dummies and Foodscaping

6:45 pm

Creating Outdoor Furniture from Found, Salvaged and Free Materials