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Turn your dreams into reality with our FREE seminars and demonstrations. It’s all included in your ticket price, so be sure and drop in and discover something new!

Our speakers will share hundreds of fresh new ideas to help you create a garden that fits your lifestyle and gardening needs. With over 60 book signings, you can even take their sage advice home with you.

All 3 seminar rooms are located in the Conference Center. Click here for a map.

Speaker Biographies

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Speaker Handouts

Speaker handouts for the 2015 Northwest Flower & Garden Show Seminar Series will be posted the evening of the seminar (after 9pm). If you miss one of our great seminars, and the speaker provides handout, you’ll be able to click on the title of the seminar to download the handout.

Only seminar titles highlighted in blue have a handout available for download. If you do not see a seminar title in blue, it means that speaker didn’t have a handout at the show. All handouts are Adobe Acrobat files.


  • = Book Signing
  • = Small Space Gardening
  • = Edible Gardening
  • = Good for Beginners
Friday, February 7th

Rainier Room

(60 minutes except where noted)

10:00 am

The Color Full Garden

Using Color to Reflect Our Unique Personal Style
11:30 am (90)
Gardening 101: Success With Shade

Spring Ephemerals for Woodland Gardens

Dark Thoughts: Best Shrubs for Shade

Shady Characters: Perennials

1:30 pm

Top Guns

25 Plants Dan Wouldn't be Without
3:00 pm

Inspirational Everyday Gardens

Ideas from Fine Gardening’s Garden Photo of the Day Blog
4:30 pm (45)

The Art of Gardening

Taking Your Garden to the Next Level & Making it Pop!
5:30 pm (45)

Kitchen Gardens with Style

Design Secrets for both Beauty & Bounty
6:45 pm (45)

No More Flying Saucers

How to Prune Japanese Laceleaf Maples

Hood Room

(45 minutes except where noted)

9:30 am (45)

Groundbreaking Food Gardens

Innovative Ideas for Food & Fun
10:45 am

Taming Wildflowers

A Users’ Guide from Seed to Vase
12:15 pm

Potting Up Plants

Discover How Pots Have Influenced Today's Gardens
1:45 pm

What Style am I?

Innovative Ways to Use Houseplants
3:15 pm (45)

Transformations with Texture

Enhance Your Garden with Texture Year Round
4:15 pm

Drop Dead Red

How Pinterest Can Renew Your Color Palette
5:45 pm (45)

Beyond Curb Appeal

The Secrets to Creating Sustainable Outdoor Rooms
7:00 pm

Backyard Solutions for Our Declining Bees

How Mason Bees Can Save Our Food & Gardens

DIY Stage

(60 minutes except where noted)

9:30 am

Flower School

Color Theory & Design Insights for Beautiful Bouquets
11:15 am

Bouquet of Succulent Rosettes

Create Unique, Long-Lasting & Colorful Bouquets
1:00 pm
Garden to Table Cooking Series

From Farm to Table Year Round

Prolonging the Freshness of the Season
2:45 pm
Garden to Table Cooking Series

Canning the Harvest for Peak Flavor

Tips & Tricks for Successful Canning
4:30 pm

Foliage Fusion

Container Gardens for Year Round Interest
6:15 pm

Buy Plants Like a Pro

A Buyer's Guide to the Plant Market