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Book Signing Station

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Meet Your Favorite Authors

Seattle’s University Book Store, one of the Northwest’s foremost independent booksellers, has teamed with the show to operate our popular Book Signing Station. Simply go down the escalator or elevator to the Conference Center to hear your favorite speakers, and the Book Signing Station is near all three seminar rooms.

After their seminar, authors head to the Book Signing Station to greet audience members, sign books and answer questions. Autographed books make thoughtful gifts for your garden-loving friends.

Here are some of our speakers’ books for your garden book library. Click on a book to view the full photo, and scroll to the bottom to view the entire schedule. 


2015 Speakers Book Signing
Wednesday, February 11  
Jessi Bloom & Dave Boehnlein 12:00 PM
Troy B. Marden 12:30 PM
Karen Chapman 12:45 PM
David Culp 1:15 PM
Donna Balzer 2:30 PM
Lucy Hardiman 2:30 PM
Susan Morrison 2:30 PM
Stephanie Cohen 2:30 PM
Claudia Lucero 2:30 PM
Michelle Gervais 4:00 PM
Shawna Coronado 5:00 PM
Janit Calvo 6:00 PM
Lorene Edwards Forkner 6:15 PM
Marianne Binetti 7:45 PM
Thursday, February 12  
Shawna Coronado 10:45 AM
Claudia Lucero 11:00 AM
Stephanie Cohen 12:00 PM
Troy B. Marden 12:30 PM
David Culp 2:30 PM
Susan Morrison 3:45 PM
Lucy Hardiman 4:00 PM
Barbara Wise 4:15 PM
Donald Olson 5:00 PM
Stefani Bittner 6:00 PM
Mary Beth Shaddix 6:00 PM
David E. Perry 6:15 PM
Sean Hogan 6:30 PM
Karen Chapman 7:30 PM
Friday, February 13  
Stefani Bittner 12:00 PM
Barbara Wise 12:45 PM
Cheryl Moore-Gough 1:15 PM
Sean Hogan 2:30 PM
David Mizejewski 2:30 PM
Debra Prinzing 2:30 PM
Roy Diblik 3:45 PM
Rochelle Greayer 4:00 PM
Stefani Bittner 4:15 PM
Mary Beth Shaddix 4:15 PM
Ciscoe Morris 5:15 PM
Mark Brody 6:00 PM
Mark Turner 6:15 PM
Graham Kerr 6:30 PM
Tammi Hartung 7:45 PM
Saturday, February 14  
Rochelle Greayer 11:15 AM
Tammi Hartung 12:00 PM
Jeff Gillman 12:30 PM
Sue Goetz 12:45 PM
Evelyn J. Hadden 1:15 PM
Jessi Bloom 2:30 PM
Christina Salwitz 2:30 PM
Mark Brody 2:30 PM
Jessica Walliser 3:45 PM
Roy Diblik 4:00 PM
Paul Zimmerman 4:15 PM
C.L. Fornari 5:00 PM
Ciscoe Morris 5:15 PM
Charlie Nardozzi 6:00 PM
Helen Yoest 6:15 PM
Andrea Bellamy 6:30 PM
Craig LeHoullier 7:30 PM
Sunday, February 15  
Paul Zimmerman 10:45 AM
Ann Ralph 11:15 AM
Evelyn J. Hadden 12:00 PM
Helen Yoest 12:30 PM
Cass Turnbull 1:15 PM
Linda Chalker-Scott 2:30 PM
C.L. Fornari 2:30 PM
Jeff Gillman 2:30 PM
Sue Goetz 2:30 PM
Charlie Nardozzi 2:30 PM
Andrea Bellamy 3:45 PM
Craig LeHoullier 4:00 PM
Debra Prinzing 4:15 PM
Jessica Walliser 5:15 PM
Lorene Edwards Forkner 6:00 PM