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Leading garden writers and bloggers from around the country flocked to the 2012 garden show, posting over 60 articles and stories about the show! The scope of articles range from the history and design elements of the Show gardens, unusual items and products available at the show and even the school groups that are involved. The Twitter feed (#nwfgs) was flying, and you can even read the transcript of all the chatter.

Social Media Blogs, Photo Albums & Videos about 2012 Show

Brenda Haas – The Garden Chat – #nwfgs Twitter Feed
Transcript of #nwfgs Twitter feed

Theresa Loe – Living Homegrown
NWFGS video highlights

Jessi Bloom – Garden Fowl
“Photo Highlights from the 2012 Northwest Flower & Garden Show”

Billy Goodnick – Garden Wise Guy – Fine Gardening Magazine
“Shop ‘Till You Sag at NWFGS”
“Garden Design Lessons from Nature, in a Concrete Box”

Kylee Baumle – Our Little Acre
“Wordless Wednesday: Blooms at the NWFGS”
“Why Did I Go to the Northwest Flower & Garden Show?”
“Northwest Flower & Garden Show: The Container Gardens”

LaManda Joy – The Yarden
“Ten Ways the Northwest Flower & Garden Show Blew My Mind”
Mark Turner – Turner Photographics – Passions
“Northwest Flower & Garden Show 2012”
Photo gallery

Colleen Pfeilschiefter
Facebook Photo Albums

Barbara Wise – bwisegardens
“Teach a Little, Learn a Lot”
“Brief Reflections from Northwest Flower & Garden Show”
“It’s More Than Just Putting Plants in a Pot”

Jenny Peterson – J Peterson Garden Design
“Northwest Flower & Garden Show – Favorites”

Angela Davis – Gardening in My Rubber Boots
“My Garden Show Favorites”
“Seattle’s Garden Show is Kiddo Friendly!”
“Northwest Flower & Garden Show Thru a Fisheye Lens”
“Sneak Peak – Northwest Flower & Garden Show Opens Tomorrow!”

Christina Salwitz – Personal Garden Coach
“A Symphony of Flower Bulbs”
“Northwest Flower & Garden Show – Miniature Gardening Craze”
“Glass + Art = Landscape Jewelry”

Debbie Teashon – Rainy Side Gardeners
Northwest Flower & Garden Show 2012
“The Beat of a Different Drum”
“Rockin’ Robin at the Children’s PlayGarden”

Robin Haglund – Garden
“Northwest Flower & Garden Show – It’s a Wrap”

Dee Nash – Red Dirt Rambling
“What a Garden Show Should be: the Northwest Flower & Garden Show”

Teresa O’Connor – Seasonal Wisdom
“Garden Trends from the Northwest Flower & Garden Show”

Maryanne Newcomer – Gardens of the Wild Wild West
“Creating Garden Tapestries”

Gregory Smaus – Native Root Designs
“The Pallet Gardens”
“Northwest Flower & Garden Show 2012”

Alison Conliffe – Bonney Lassie
“How I Spent My First Day at the Northwest Flower Show”
“My Second Day at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show”
“Shopping at NWFGS”

Janit Calvo – The Mini Garden Guru
“Miniature Fairy Gardens at Northwest Flower & Garden Show”

Kym Pokorny – Dig In With Kym
Northwest Flower & Garden Show – Photo Album
“Northwest Flower & Garden Show: Two displays hit high notes”
“Northwest Flower & Garden Show: Great Plants I Saw”

Laura Thomas – The Dandelion Wrangler
“NWFGS: If I Write You a Song in the Garden Tonight…”
“NWFGS: Here Comes the Sun”
“Wordless Wednesday: Peter & The Wolf – A Landscape Symphony” 
“Northwest Flower & Garden Show’s Sky Gardens, Part 1: Trend Spotting!”
“Northwest Flower & Garden Show’s Sky Gardens, Part 2: Indulging Your Inner Artist”
“Northwest Flower & Garden Show’s Sky Gardens, Part 3: Heavy Metal”

Sue Goetz – The Creative Gardener
“Steal This – Northwest Flower & Garden Show”
“Steal This (Part 2) – Northwest Flower & Garden Show”
“Steal This (Part 3) – Northwest Flower & Garden Show”

Mary-Kate Mackey
“Borrow from the Best – Steve Aitken”

Justin Galicic – Zone 8
“The Northwest Flower & Garden Show – Part 1”
“The Northwest Flower & Garden Show – Part 2”
“The Northwest Flower & Garden Show – Part 3”

Jennifer Johnson – The Hiker Mama
“Northwest Flower & Garden Show”

Kristin Crouch – That Bloomin’ Garden
“Sunset Western Garden Book”

Loree – Danger Garden
“Northwest Flower & Garden Show 2012, part one … ideas!”

Northwest Flower & Garden Show is a Gardener’s Ultimate Gig!”

Annie Archer – Woodinville Patch
“Latest from the Northwest Flower & Garden Show”

Timber Press
“Northwest Flower & Garden Show 2012”

Lara Elizabeth Vyas – Garden Memoirs
“Behind the Scenes”

Jennifer Rotermund, Shoreline Area News
“Gardening with Jennifer 2012 Northwest Flower & Garden Show: A Floral Symphony”

Julia – Polka Dot Galoshes
“Plants + Music + Discovery = One Amazing Northwest Flower & Garden Show!”

Cliff Sharples – Dig the Dirt
“Some Favorites from the NW Flower & Garden Show 2012”

Lisa Lewis – Mercer Island Pulse
“From Northwest Flower & Garden Show 2012”
“Finding Treasure in Your Yard”

Mona – Mona’s Mundo Caffe
“Garden Geeks Meet NW Garden Show”

Riz Reyes – Next Generation Gardener
“Northwest Flower & Garden Show  – On The Brighter Side”

“Experienced Spring Early”